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Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
base/include/communication/IOService.h [code]Wrapper for boost::asio::io_service
base/include/communication/MulticastSender.h [code]Class for sending multicast messages
base/include/communication/SerialPort.h [code]Wrapper class for boost::asio::serial_port to add baudrate support for non standard baudrates
base/include/communication/SyncTimedRead.h [code]Methods for synchronously reading data using boost asio with timeout
base/include/database/SQLiteDB.h [code]A wrapper class for the SQLite SQL database
base/include/database/SQLiteQuery.h [code]Class representing a result of a database query
base/include/database/StripedStorage.h [code]Stores data sequentially into different files (striped) providing a reliable way to retrieve data later from one of the files
base/include/error/CallStack.h [code]Encapsulates call stack functionality
base/include/error/Exception.h [code]Exception base class
base/include/error/Exceptions.h [code]Commonly used exception classes
base/include/error/Inspect.h [code]Provides the MIRA_INSPECT macro
base/include/error/LogConsoleSink.h [code]Logging sink for log output to console
base/include/error/LogCustomizableFilter.h [code]A customizable log filter
base/include/error/LogCustomizableFormatter.h [code]A customizable log formatter
base/include/error/LogFileSink.h [code]Logging sink for file output with support for rolling and daily log files
base/include/error/Logging.h [code]Header including various log headers
base/include/error/LoggingAux.h [code]Auxiliary logging macros for special entities like exceptions, etc
base/include/error/LoggingCore.h [code]Core class of the logging library
base/include/error/LogSimpleFormatter.h [code]A simple log formatter
base/include/error/LogTimer.h [code]Stop watch timer for logging execution times
base/include/error/LogTxtStreamSink.h [code]Simple stream log sink
base/include/error/SignalHandler.h [code]Registration of signal handlers for several interrupt signals
base/include/error/SystemError.h [code]A platform independent way to get the last system error code
base/include/factory/Class.h [code]$Definition of the Class which supports some kind of class reflection and acts like a class factory$
base/include/factory/Factory.h [code]$Header file containing base classes to enable class creation using a class factory$
base/include/factory/FactoryMacros.h [code]$Macros for registering classes$
base/include/factory/HasDefaultConstructor.h [code]$short description$
base/include/factory/LightFactoryMutexGetter.h [code]$This file avoids recursive includes between Class.h and Factory.h$
base/include/factory/ManifestAgent.h [code]$Manifest agent manages loading of manifest files$
base/include/factory/NullClass.h [code]Provide marker class for marking an invalid "null" class
base/include/factory/Object.h [code]$Defines object class as base class for classFactory compatible classes$
base/include/factory/TClass.h [code]$In contrast to the VacantClass this is the "real" class specific implementation which is able to construct the class$
base/include/factory/TemplateClass.h [code]$Definition of the template class objects which enables the factory to work with template classes$
base/include/factory/TypeId.h [code]Provides method for generating a unique id for any type
base/include/factory/VacantClass.h [code]$Interface for the hollow class, which loads the library associated with the class if necessary
base/include/geometry/Bresenham.h [code]This header provides a set of functions to iterate over lines with the Bresenham or Bresenham Run-Slice Algorithm
base/include/geometry/Circle.h [code]A class representing a circle
base/include/geometry/DistanceLUT.h [code]This header provides a class for fast looking up the upper and lower bounds of the euclidean distances between a point and cells arranged in a regular grid
base/include/geometry/Geometry.h [code]Include header for the main geometry classes
base/include/geometry/Line.h [code]A class for a n-dimensional line
base/include/geometry/Point.h [code]Class for 2D, 3D and N-dimensional points
base/include/geometry/Polygon.h [code]Simple Wrapper for Boost::geometry polygon
base/include/geometry/RasterRect.h [code]Rasterizes an 2D Rectangle scanline per scanline
base/include/geometry/RasterTransformation.h [code]
base/include/geometry/RasterTriangle.h [code]Rasterizes triangles scanline by scanline
base/include/geometry/Rect.h [code]Provides multidimensional rectangle templates
base/include/geometry/Size.h [code]This class provides templatized multidimensional sizes for multidimensional geometric objects
base/include/image/Color.h [code]This file contains color classes for the Img class
base/include/image/Colormap.h [code]This file contains classes for different color colormaps (like Jet, HSV, etc
base/include/image/Img.h [code]Header file containing Img classes that wrap cv::Mat
base/include/image/ImgIterator.h [code]ImgIterator classes that wrap OpenCV iterators
base/include/image/ImgPainter.h [code]Advanced methods for drawing to an Img
base/include/image/ImgPixel.h [code]Classes to access pixels of images with variable type and channels
base/include/image/TgaFormat.h [code]Provides method for loading and truecolor TGA (Targa) images files
base/include/json/JSON.h [code]Wrappers for JSON
base/include/math/Angle.h [code]Implementations of angles (values in periodic interval of width 2*pi) with arbitrary base type
base/include/math/CholeskyInverse.h [code]Computes inverse of matrix using cholesky decomposition
base/include/math/CRSplineInterpolator.h [code]Provides spline interpolator
base/include/math/Eigen.h [code]Include file for all eigen related things
base/include/math/EigenFormat.h [code]Wrappers around eigen in/output to support streaming operators
base/include/math/IncrementalMoments.h [code]Incremental computation of one- and higher-dimensional statistical moments of first and higher orders (mean and variance, etc
base/include/math/IntervalFilter.h [code]IntervalFilter base class/concept
base/include/math/IsApprox.h [code]Contains helper to check if two values are approximately the same
base/include/math/Lerp.h [code]Functions for linear interpolation of different types like scalars, angles and rotations
base/include/math/LinearInterpolator.h [code]Filter that can be used for linear interpolation
base/include/math/Math.h [code]Includes often needed math headers and methods and provides additional constants
base/include/math/Modulo.h [code]Defines modulo function for both integral and floating point types
base/include/math/NearestNeighborInterpolator.h [code]Filter that returns the nearest neighbor
base/include/math/NormalRandomGenerator.h [code]Random distribution for drawing samples from normal distributions
base/include/math/NormCDF.h [code]Functions for computing the Normal cumulative distribution function
base/include/math/Power.h [code]Functions for computing powers with constant integral exponent or constant integral exponent and base
base/include/math/Random.h [code]Functions for generating random numbers
base/include/math/RandomGenerator.h [code]Helper singleton to easily generate random generators using the boost::random distributions and generators
base/include/math/Saturate.h [code]Saturation function for limiting a value to an interval
base/include/math/SchmittTriggerHysteresis.h [code]Dual threshold hysteresis trigger class
base/include/math/Truncate.h [code]Truncates a floating point value to a given number of decimals
base/include/math/UniformRandomGenerator.h [code]A random generator that samples random numbers within the interval that is passed to the constructor
base/include/math/YawPitchRoll.h [code]Conversion from yaw, pitch and roll to Quaternion and vice versa
base/include/platform/Align.h [code]Macros for data alignment in memory
base/include/platform/Console.h [code]Platform dependent functions to control the console and its settings
base/include/platform/Endian.h [code]Utilities for byte order conversion between little and big endian
base/include/platform/Environment.h [code]Functions for platform independent resolving of environment variables
base/include/platform/Memory.h [code]System independent way of getting the memory usage of a process
base/include/platform/Platform.h [code]Platform dependent defines and macros
base/include/platform/Process.h [code]Platform independent system calls
base/include/platform/Typename.h [code]Get compiler and platform independent typenames
base/include/platform/Types.h [code]Typedefs for OS independent basic data types
base/include/rpc/AbstractDeferredInvoker.h [code]Abstract interface for DeferredInvoker
base/include/rpc/AbstractInterfaceCallbackHandler.h [code]Abstract interface for handler(s) that get called upon new services with a special interface get available
base/include/rpc/AbstractRPCClient.h [code]Abstract interface for RPCClient
base/include/rpc/AbstractRPCHandler.h [code]Abstract interface for RPCHandler(s)
base/include/rpc/BinaryRPCBackend.h [code]Provides binary client and server side requests and responses
base/include/rpc/JSONRPCBackend.h [code]Provides JSON client and server side requests and responses
base/include/rpc/JSONRPCResponse.h [code]Special response type for JSON RPC calls
base/include/rpc/RPCClient.h [code]Implementation of the client side of an RPC call
base/include/rpc/RPCError.h [code]Error codes for reasons of errors/exceptions while processing an rpc call
base/include/rpc/RPCFuture.h [code]Implementation of RPCFuture
base/include/rpc/RPCInvoker.h [code]Implements the RPCInvoker and TRPCInvoker classes
base/include/rpc/RPCMacros.h [code]Utility macros used in generating RPC method definitions with BOOST_PP
base/include/rpc/RPCManager.h [code]Contains internal RPCManager class
base/include/rpc/RPCServer.h [code]Server side implementation of RPC calls
base/include/rpc/RPCSignature.h [code]RPCSignature for storing all information about an RPC method signature
base/include/security/AESFilter.h [code]Classes for a AES encryption/decryption based on boost::iostreams filter
base/include/security/Base64.h [code]Encode/Decode base64 strings
base/include/security/HashStream.h [code]Some basic classes for different Hash function
base/include/security/MD5.h [code]Implementation of the MD5 hash function
base/include/security/RSAFilter.h [code]A class for a RSA encryption based on boost::iostreams filter
base/include/security/RSAKey.h [code]A class for a RSA key
base/include/security/RSASignature.h [code]A class for signing and verifing a message signature based on a RSA encryption
base/include/security/SHA1.h [code]Implementation of the SHA1 hash function
base/include/security/SHA256.h [code]Implementation of the SHA256 hash function
base/include/serialization/AbstractReflector.h [code]Abstract base class for most Reflectors
base/include/serialization/Accessor.h [code]Contains internal accessor class that abstracts from the underlying getter and setter classes or direct access to provide a transparent and uniform interface (The classes in this header are part of the internals)
base/include/serialization/Array.h [code]Wrapper class for reflecting arrays
base/include/serialization/BinaryJSONConverter.h [code]Direct conversion between binary and JSON serialized data (using metatype description)
base/include/serialization/BinarySerializer.h [code]Binary serializer and deserializer
base/include/serialization/BinarySerializerCodec.h [code]Base class for codecs for BinarySerializer and BinaryDeserializer
base/include/serialization/DefaultInitializer.h [code]Provides the DefaultInitializer
base/include/serialization/Deserializer.h [code]Contains base class for all deserializers
base/include/serialization/GetterSetter.h [code]Provides definition for getters and setters that are used with the serialization framework
base/include/serialization/IgnoreMissing.h [code]Marker for indicating parameters that should be ignored if they are missing in the config file
base/include/serialization/IsAtomicSerializable.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether a type can be serialized as atomic value
base/include/serialization/IsBitwiseSerializable.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether a type can be serialized bitwise
base/include/serialization/IsCollection.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether a type is a collection
base/include/serialization/IsNotMetaSerializable.h [code]Type trait that indicates whether a type does not support to gather meta information about it
base/include/serialization/IsObjectTrackable.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether pointer/object tracking should be enabled for a certain type
base/include/serialization/IsPointerOrSharedPointer.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether a type is a pointer type or a shared pointer
base/include/serialization/IsTransparentSerializable.h [code]Provides type trait that indicates whether a type should be serialized "transparently"
base/include/serialization/JSONSerializer.h [code]Serializer and Deserializer for JSON format
base/include/serialization/MetaSerializer.h [code]Serializer for creating meta information out of types using serialization
base/include/serialization/NoGenericReflect.h [code]Provides the MIRA_NO_GENERIC_REFLECT macros
base/include/serialization/PolymorphicPointerReflector.h [code]For internal use by RecursiveMemberReflector.h!
base/include/serialization/Print.h [code]Provides print() method that uses serialization to print objects
base/include/serialization/PropertyHint.h [code]Provides property hints and attributes
base/include/serialization/PropertyManager.h [code]PropertyManager that stores PropertyNodes
base/include/serialization/PropertyNode.h [code]Declaration and implementation of the property node hierarchy
base/include/serialization/PropertyReflector.h [code]Base class for all Reflectors that take care of properties
base/include/serialization/PropertySerializer.h [code]Serializer that handles properties and creates PropertyNodes
base/include/serialization/PropertyTree.h [code]Helper class for representing the tree structure of properties
base/include/serialization/RecursiveMemberReflector.h [code]Description
base/include/serialization/ReflectCollection.h [code]ReflectCollectionCount and ReflectCollectionItems to be specialized for certain Reflectors
base/include/serialization/ReflectControlFlags.h [code]Flags controlling reflector behaviour
base/include/serialization/ReflectMemberMeta.h [code]Struct to take meta information for each reflected member
base/include/serialization/ReflectorInterface.h [code]Contains the base interface of all Reflectors, Serializers, etc
base/include/serialization/ReflectorMacros.h [code]Macros for use with reflectors
base/include/serialization/Serialization.h [code]Provides MIRA_CLASS_SERIALIZATION macro and includes the major headers of the serialization framework
base/include/serialization/Serializer.h [code]Contains the Serializer template, a base class for all serializers
base/include/serialization/SetterNotify.h [code]Provides a special setter, that simply sets the value of the member to the given value AND calls a user defined notification method afterwards
base/include/serialization/SplitReflect.h [code]Provides MIRA_SPLIT_REFLECT macros
base/include/serialization/VoidCast.h [code]Provides safe casts for casting from a pointer to void* and vice versa while taking care of polymorphism and multiple inheritance
base/include/serialization/XMLSerializer.h [code]XMLSerializer and XMLDeserializer
base/include/serialization/adapters/std/StlCollections.h [code]Helpers for serialization and deserialization of STL containers
base/include/stream/BinaryStream.h [code]Contains the BinaryIStream and BinaryOStream classes for fast and efficient streaming of binary data
base/include/stream/BufferStream.h [code]Contains BufferStream a stream for input and output of data to/from a wrapped Buffer
base/include/stream/GzStream.h [code]
base/include/stream/NumericalStream.h [code]
base/include/thread/Atomic.h [code]Contains methods for simple atomic operations (such as increment, etc
base/include/thread/CyclicRunnable.h [code]Runnable concept that executes an operation repeatedly in an defined interval
base/include/thread/ScopedAccess.h [code]Grants thread-safe access to an object that should be protected from concurrent access
base/include/thread/Spinlock.h [code]Implementation of Spinlock
base/include/thread/Thread.h [code]Includes, defines and functions for threads
base/include/thread/ThreadID.h [code]OS independent thread id
base/include/thread/ThreadMonitor.h [code]A thread monitor, which collects information about the resources of all running threads of the current process
base/include/transform/Pose.h [code]Typedefs for different Pose datatypes that are internally RigidTransforms
base/include/transform/RigidTransform.h [code]Rigid transformation class
base/include/transform/TransformCast.h [code]Contains transform_cast operator
base/include/transform/Transformer.h [code]Contains the Transformer class that contains everything to handle transformation trees and to compute transforms within those trees
base/include/transform/TransformerNode.h [code]AbstractTransformerNode base class and TransformerNode reference implementation
base/include/transform/Velocity.h [code]Velocity typedefs for representing translational and angular velocities in 2D and 3D as RigidTransforms
base/include/utils/BoostTestUtils.h [code]Helper functions for boost unit tests
base/include/utils/Buffer.h [code]Generic buffer class that can be used as a replacement for std::vector
base/include/utils/CompressBuffer.h [code]Compression of uint8 Buffers using libzip
base/include/utils/EnumToFlags.h [code]Macros for generating logical operators for using enum values as flags
base/include/utils/ExtensibleEnum.h [code]A replacement for enum that can be extended in subclasses
base/include/utils/Foreach.h [code]Macro for iterating over all elements in a container
base/include/utils/Functionals.h [code]Collection of functors
base/include/utils/HasAssign.h [code]Typetrait to test whether a class has a certain assignment operator
base/include/utils/HasMember.h [code]Macros for checking the existence of class members
base/include/utils/Hexdump.h [code]Hexdump() method for printing binary content as hex dump into a stream
base/include/utils/HumanReadableEnum.h [code]Macros for easy creation of enumerations with conversion functions between enumeration values and human readable strings
base/include/utils/IsDefaultConstructible.h [code]Type trait to check, if a class is default constructible
base/include/utils/IteratorRangeContainer.h [code]An iterator range class
base/include/utils/MakeString.h [code]Class for in place stream formatting
base/include/utils/PackageFinder.h [code]Provides methods for finding packages
base/include/utils/Path.h [code]Functions for modifying file system paths
base/include/utils/PathFinder.h [code]Different functions for searching files or directories
base/include/utils/PoolAllocator.h [code]STL conform memory pool allocator
base/include/utils/PParam.h [code]Preprocessor workaround to handle single parameters that contain a comma
base/include/utils/PrintProgressBar.h [code]Methods for displaying a progress bar in the console
base/include/utils/Profiler.h [code]Macros and classes for profiling code
base/include/utils/ProgramOptions.h [code]Class for accessing command line parameters
base/include/utils/Registrar.h [code]Registration and unregistration helper class
base/include/utils/ResolveVariable.h [code]Functions for replacing/resolving variables in strings
base/include/utils/SharedLibrary.h [code]Classes for loading shared libraries
base/include/utils/Singleton.h [code]A singleton class that can be freely configured using policies that control the creation, instantiation, lifetime and thread-safety
base/include/utils/Stamped.h [code]Mix in for adding a timestamp to data types
base/include/utils/StampedDataQueue.h [code]Queue for Stamped data
base/include/utils/StringAlgorithms.h [code]Include file for including all string algorithm headers
base/include/utils/Time.h [code]Time and Duration wrapper class
base/include/utils/ToString.h [code]Contains toString and fromString functions for converting data types to strings and the other way round
base/include/utils/TypedVoidPtr.h [code]Type safe handling of typed void pointers
base/include/utils/UniqueIdentifier.h [code]Determine a unique identifier (or string)
base/include/utils/UUID.h [code]Typedefs and serialization support for uuids
base/include/utils/VariadicMacro.h [code]Tools for handling variadic macros
base/include/xml/XMLDom.h [code]A STL conform DOM reader/writer for XML
base/include/xml/XMLDomModifier.h [code]Only for backward compatibility
base/include/xml/XMLDomPreprocessor.h [code]Preprocessor for XML dom documents
base/include/xml/XMLDomReflect.h [code]Contains non-intrusive reflects for XMLDom documents
framework/include/filter/ChannelContentChange.h [code]Filtering channel messages by only calling the callback function when the content has changed
framework/include/filter/ChannelHysteresis.h [code]Hysteresis filter for subscribing to channels
framework/include/filter/ChannelInterval.h [code]Filtering channel messages by only calling the callback function within a given interval
framework/include/filter/ChannelSynchronizer.h [code]Filter for synchronized callbacks on subscribed channels
framework/include/filter/ChannelSynchronizerSequenceID.h [code]Filter for synchronized callbacks on subscribed channels
framework/include/filter/ChannelVectorSynchronizer.h [code]Filter for synchronized callbacks on subscribed channels
framework/include/fw/AbstractAuthority.h [code]Abstract base class of authorities
framework/include/fw/AbstractChannel.h [code]Base class for all framework channels
framework/include/fw/AbstractChannelSubscriber.h [code]Base class for all channel subscribers
framework/include/fw/Authority.h [code]Authority class that is used to access the functionality of the framework
framework/include/fw/AuthorityDescription.h [code]Descriptive informations about an authority
framework/include/fw/AuthorityManager.h [code]Manager class for all authorities in a framework
framework/include/fw/AuthorityProvider.h [code]Abstract interface for classes that can provide an authority
framework/include/fw/AuthorityRuntime.h [code]Runtime class containing the threading related parts of authorities
framework/include/fw/Channel.h [code]Framework channel classes
framework/include/fw/ChannelBuffer.h [code]Classes for managing a channels internal buffer (slots)
framework/include/fw/ChannelBufferSlotFlags.h [code]Flags for internal usage by remote components of framework and recorder / player units
framework/include/fw/ChannelManager.h [code]Manager class for all framework channels
framework/include/fw/ChannelPromoteByTypename.h [code]Infrastructure for promotion of channels from void to typed based on runtime knowledge of the typename
framework/include/fw/ChannelPromoteByTypenameRegistration.h [code]Registration interface for channel types to enable promotion from void to typed based on runtime knowledge of the type name
framework/include/fw/ChannelReadInterval.h [code]Classes for reading whole intervals of data from channels
framework/include/fw/ChannelReadWrite.h [code]Classes for automatic locking/unlocking when reading and writing to channels
framework/include/fw/ChannelSubscriber.h [code]Subscriber classes used to subscribe on channels for automatic notification
framework/include/fw/DiscoverService.h [code]Service that discovers other frameworks within a network using multicast
framework/include/fw/DispatcherThread.h [code]Dispatcher class that allows registration of handler functions that need to be called from within the same thread
framework/include/fw/ErrorService.h [code]Service used in framework to collect all errors and store them in a SQLite database
framework/include/fw/Framework.h [code]The framework that holds all manager classes and provides startup and shutdown of all framework related services
framework/include/fw/FrameworkDefines.h [code]Defines and constants for the framework
framework/include/fw/FrameworkExports.h [code]Framework export macro declaration
framework/include/fw/FrameworkGraph.h [code]Graph representation of channels and authorities of frameworks
framework/include/fw/FrameworkMessage.h [code]Message types exchanged between remote frameworks
framework/include/fw/FrameworkPch.h [code]Precompiled header
framework/include/fw/FrameworkTransformer.h [code]Transformer manages and provides access to the transformation tree of the framework
framework/include/fw/MicroUnit.h [code]Base class for all units
framework/include/fw/NameRegistry.h [code]Resolving names of channels and authorities in namespaces
framework/include/fw/PerformanceStatistics.h [code]Gather statistics of the flow rate per second
framework/include/fw/RemoteAuthority.h [code]An authority class that represents a remote authority that is located in a connected framework
framework/include/fw/RemoteConnection.h [code]Connection classes representing connections between frameworks
framework/include/fw/RemoteModule.h [code]The framework module responsible for connections to remote frameworks
framework/include/fw/RemoteServer.h [code]Server that accepts connections from remote frameworks
framework/include/fw/ResourceName.h [code]Class for resolving and managing names and namespaces
framework/include/fw/RPCHandler.h [code]Signal handler class for RPC calls
framework/include/fw/Runnable.h [code]TODO Add description
framework/include/fw/ServiceInterfaceHandler.h [code]Signal handler class for signaling when service interfaces get available
framework/include/fw/ServiceLevel.h [code]QoS management informations
framework/include/fw/ServiceProperty.h [code]Property that can be used whenever a unit has a service as property
framework/include/fw/Status.h [code]Status and status management classes used for diagnostics
framework/include/fw/Tape.h [code]A Tape is a representation of recorded channel data in a binary file
framework/include/fw/TapePlayer.h [code]Class for playing back tapes
framework/include/fw/TapeRecorder.h [code]Class for recording data to tape
framework/include/fw/TapeVisitor.h [code]Class implementing a visitor concept for tapes
framework/include/fw/TransformProperty.h [code]Property that can be used whenever a unit has a transform frame as property
framework/include/fw/Unit.h [code]More complex base class for units that provides a configurable worker thread (process())
framework/include/fw/UnitManager.h [code]Managing class for all (micro) units
framework/include/fw/UnitPch.h [code]Default precompiled header that is suitable for units
framework/include/loader/Loader.h [code]Configuration loader for loading XML application configuration files
gui/include/fw/FrameworkWithGui.h [code]Provides a framework with Qt support
gui/include/fw/GuiFwExports.h [code]
gui/include/fw/QStringOstream.h [code]Adds support for QStrings with std ostreams
gui/include/fw/QtUnit.h [code]Unit that processes its dispatcher within Qt's main thread
gui/include/fw/TapeFileDialog.h [code]File dialog for opening tape files
gui/include/fw/TapePlayerWidget.h [code]Widget for playing back tapes
gui/include/fw/TapeRecorderWidget.h [code]Widget for recording tapes
gui/include/rcp/Adaptable.h [code]Declaration of the IAdaptable interface
gui/include/rcp/EditorPart.h [code]Declaration of the EditorPart class
gui/include/rcp/EditorPartArea.h [code]Declaration of EditorPartArea and EditorPartAreaTabBar
gui/include/rcp/EditorPartTitleBar.h [code]Declaration of EditorPartTitleBar
gui/include/rcp/EditorPartWindow.h [code]Declaration of the EditorPartWindow
gui/include/rcp/GuiRCPExports.h [code]Gui export macro declaration
gui/include/rcp/PageViewPart.h [code]Declaration of the PageViewPart
gui/include/rcp/PartListener.h [code]Declaration of the IPartListener interface
gui/include/rcp/PerspectiveTabWidget.h [code]Declaration of the PerspectiveTabBar
gui/include/rcp/TitleBar.h [code]Base class for all window title bars (EditorPartTitleBar, ViewPartTitleBar)
gui/include/rcp/ViewPart.h [code]Declaration of the ViewPart
gui/include/rcp/ViewPartTitleBar.h [code]Declaration of ViewPartTitleBar
gui/include/rcp/WidgetResizeHandler.h [code]This code is taken from Qt 4.7.3: src/gui/widgets/qwidgetresizehandler_p.h
gui/include/rcp/Workbench.h [code]Declaration of the Workbench
gui/include/rcp/WorkbenchPart.h [code]Declaration of WorkbenchPart and related interfaces
gui/include/serialization/adapters/OGRE/OgreColourValue.h [code]Non intrusive reflect for OGRE color class
gui/include/test/QtUnitTest.h [code]Support for testing Qt GUI components from within boost unit tests
gui/include/views/GUIMimeTypes.h [code]Common MIME types (for drag n drop, etc)
gui/include/views/GuiViewsExports.h [code]Gui export macro declaration
gui/include/views/PropertyView.h [code]Editor/Viewer for properties
gui/include/views/PropertyViewPage.h [code]Declaration of the PropertyViewPage
gui/include/views/Visualization2DView.h [code]Declaration of the Visualization2DView
gui/include/views/Visualization3DView.h [code]Declaration of the Visualization3DView
gui/include/views/VisualizationControl.h [code]Declaration of the VisualizationControl
gui/include/views/VisualizationControlPage.h [code]Declaration of the VisualizationControlPage
gui/include/views/VisualizationTextView.h [code]View for text visualizations
gui/include/views/VisualizationView.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationView and VisualizationViewTransformable
gui/include/visualization/ChannelDragnDropUtils.h [code]Declaration of helper functions of drag'n'drop functionality
gui/include/visualization/ChannelProperty.h [code]Description of ChannelProperty and related classes
gui/include/visualization/ColormapProperty.h [code]Declaration of ColormapProperty and related classes
gui/include/visualization/GuiVisualizationExports.h [code]FrameworkVis export macro declaration
gui/include/visualization/IndexSelectorProperty.h [code]Property to select an element from a set type
gui/include/visualization/InteractionListener3D.h [code]TODO Add description
gui/include/visualization/Visualization.h [code]Declaration of Visualization and related classes
gui/include/visualization/Visualization2D.h [code]Declaration of Visualization2D and related classes
gui/include/visualization/Visualization2DBasic.h [code]A base class for simple 2D visualizations
gui/include/visualization/Visualization2DContainer.h [code]QWidget containing a Visualization2DSite but without being a RCP part
gui/include/visualization/Visualization3D.h [code]Declaration of Visualization3D and related classes
gui/include/visualization/Visualization3DBasic.h [code]A base class for simple 3D visualizations
gui/include/visualization/Visualization3DContainer.h [code]A standalone container for 3D visualizations, similar to Visualization3DView but as lightweight standalone widget instead of a view within the RCP framework
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationRegistry.h [code]Registry that stores mappings from type names to Visualization classes of Visualizations that are able to show the data
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationText.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationText and related classes
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTextBasic.h [code]A base class for simple text visualizations
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTextTrace.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationTextTrace and related classes
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTextTraceBasic.h [code]A base class for simple text trace visualizations
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTool.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationTool
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTool2D.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationTool2D
gui/include/visualization/VisualizationTool3D.h [code]
gui/include/visualization/2d/CameraOrbitTool.h [code]
gui/include/visualization/2d/PointVectorObject.h [code]Custom QGraphicsItem that visualizes a std::vector<Point2f>, or a downprojection of a std::vector<Point3f>
gui/include/visualization/2d/PolygonTool2D.h [code]Tool for specifying a polygon in the 2D graphics view
gui/include/visualization/2d/PoseTool2D.h [code]Tool for specifying a PoseCov2 in the 2D graphics view
gui/include/visualization/3d/ArrowObject.h [code]Declaration of the ArrowObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/AxesCovObject.h [code]Visualization of covariance for axes
gui/include/visualization/3d/AxesObject.h [code]Declaration of the AxesObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/AxesVisualization.h [code]Declaration of AxesVisualization
gui/include/visualization/3d/CameraOrbitTool.h [code]
gui/include/visualization/3d/CovObject.h [code]Visualization of covariances
gui/include/visualization/3d/DynamicPoints.h [code]Class for displaying dynamic points using vertex buffer
gui/include/visualization/3d/DynamicRenderable.h [code]Base class providing dynamically growing hardware buffer Adapted from
gui/include/visualization/3d/GridObject.h [code]Declaration of GridObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/ImageObject.h [code]Declaration of ImageObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/LineListObject.h [code]
gui/include/visualization/3d/LineStripObject.h [code]Renders a line list as billboard chain
gui/include/visualization/3d/MeshFactory.h [code]Singleton that allows to load arbitrary meshes
gui/include/visualization/3d/MeshLoader.h [code]Declaration of MeshLoader
gui/include/visualization/3d/MeshObject.h [code]Declaration of MeshObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/PolygonObject.h [code]Declaration of PolygonObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/PolygonTool.h [code]Declaration of PolygonTool
gui/include/visualization/3d/PoseTool.h [code]A tool for the 3D visualization to select a pose and variance
gui/include/visualization/3d/RectObject.h [code]Declaration of RectObject
gui/include/visualization/3d/RectTool.h [code]Declaration of RectTool3D
gui/include/visualization/3d/SceneQueryTool.h [code]Base class for 3D tools querying scene
gui/include/visualization/3d/TextObject.h [code]Adapted from
gui/include/visualization/3d/VisualizationObject.h [code]Declaration of VisualizationObject
gui/include/visualization/text/VisualizationTextJSON.h [code]Macros for easy creation of JSON based text visualizations
gui/include/widgets/CollapsibleTreeHeader.h [code]Provides a header for tree widgets with an additional expand/collapse button in the first column
gui/include/widgets/FlowLayout.h [code]Layout, where the items are first laid out horizontally and then vertically when each line in the layout runs out of space
gui/include/widgets/GuiWidgetsExports.h [code]GUI export macro declaration
gui/include/widgets/ImgWidget.h [code]A widget that visualizes an Img
gui/include/widgets/LineEditClear.h [code]Provides a QLineEdit widget that has a small button on its right side for clearing the content
gui/include/widgets/LineEditTextFormat.h [code]TODO Add description
gui/include/widgets/MultiInputDialog.h [code]Dialog with configurable amount of input fields
gui/include/widgets/OgreUtils.h [code]Declaration of helper functions for converting from and to Ogre
gui/include/widgets/OgreWidget.h [code]Declaration of OgreWidget and related classes
gui/include/widgets/OgreWidgetEx.h [code]Extended more advanced derived class of OgreWidget
gui/include/widgets/PoseLineEdit.h [code]A widget that allows compact editing of a Pose2
gui/include/widgets/PropertyEditor.h [code]Declaration of PropertyEditor
gui/include/widgets/QConsole.h [code]
gui/include/widgets/QtUtils.h [code]Declaration of helper functions related to Qt
gui/include/widgets/ScrollView.h [code]A abstract base class for scroll views
gui/include/widgets/SelectionListDialog.h [code]Contains the SelectionListDialog widget, a widget for providing the user a dialog where he/she can choose items from a list, where the items are grouped in categories
gui/include/widgets/SignalBinder.h [code]Class that allows to bind a function to a Qt slot that is called upon a connected signal
gui/include/widgets/SingleSelectionListDialog.h [code]Contains the SingleSelectionListDialog widget, a widget for providing the user a dialog where he/she can choose a single item from a list, where the items are grouped in categories
gui/include/widgets/SpinBoxDelegate.h [code]Delegate that requires double values and provides a spin box as editor
gui/include/widgets/SplashScreen.h [code]Declaration of SplashScreen
gui/include/widgets/TextEditAutoCompletion.h [code]TextEdit that supports auto completion like QLineEdit or QComboBox
gui/include/widgets/TreeViewFilter.h [code]Filter widget containing an line edit that filters the elements of an assigned TreeView
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