utils Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for utils:


file  Bind.h [code]
 Wrapper for boost/bind.
file  BoostTestUtils.h [code]
 Helper functions for boost unit tests.
file  Buffer.h [code]
 Generic buffer class that can be used as a replacement for std::vector.
file  CompressBuffer.h [code]
 Compression of uint8 Buffers using libzip.
file  EnumToFlags.h [code]
 Macros for generating logical operators for using enum values as flags.
file  ExtensibleEnum.h [code]
 A replacement for enum that can be extended in subclasses.
file  Foreach.h [code]
 Macro for iterating over all elements in a container.
file  Functionals.h [code]
 Collection of functors.
file  HasAssign.h [code]
 Typetrait to test whether a class has a certain assignment operator.
file  HasMember.h [code]
 Macros for checking the existence of class members.
file  HasNonMember.h [code]
 Macros for checking the existence of non-member functions.
file  Hexdump.h [code]
 hexdump() method for printing binary content as hex dump into a stream.
file  HumanReadableEnum.h [code]
 Macros for easy creation of enumerations with conversion functions between enumeration values and human readable strings.
file  IsCopyAssignable.h [code]
 Type trait to check if a class is copy assignable.
file  IsDefaultConstructible.h [code]
 Type trait to check if a class is default constructible.
file  IteratorRangeContainer.h [code]
 An iterator range class.
file  MakeString.h [code]
 Class for in place stream formatting.
file  NoExcept.h [code]
 Compatible no-exception throwing specification.
file  PackageFinder.h [code]
 Provides methods for finding packages.
file  Path.h [code]
 Functions for modifying file system paths.
file  PathFinder.h [code]
 Different functions for searching files or directories.
file  PoolAllocator.h [code]
 STL conform memory pool allocator.
file  PParam.h [code]
 Preprocessor workaround to handle single parameters that contain a comma.
file  PrintProgressBar.h [code]
 Methods for displaying a progress bar in the console.
file  Profiler.h [code]
 Macros and classes for profiling code.
file  ProgramOptions.h [code]
 Class for accessing command line parameters.
file  Registrar.h [code]
 Registration and unregistration helper class.
file  ResolveVariable.h [code]
 Functions for replacing/resolving variables in strings.
file  SharedLibrary.h [code]
 Classes for loading shared libraries.
file  Singleton.h [code]
 A singleton class that can be freely configured using policies that control the creation, instantiation, lifetime and thread-safety.
file  Stamped.h [code]
 Mix in for adding a timestamp to data types.
file  StampedDataQueue.h [code]
 Queue for Stamped data.
file  StringAlgorithms.h [code]
 Include file for including all string algorithm headers.
file  Time.h [code]
 Time and Duration wrapper class.
file  ToString.h [code]
 Contains toString and fromString functions for converting data types to strings and the other way round.
file  TypedVoidPtr.h [code]
 Type safe handling of typed void pointers.
file  UniqueIdentifier.h [code]
 Determine a unique identifier (or string).
file  UUID.h [code]
 Typedefs and serialization support for uuids.
file  VariadicMacro.h [code]
 Tools for handling variadic macros.