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Path.h File Reference

Functions for modifying file system paths. More...

#include <boost/filesystem/operations.hpp>
#include <boost/filesystem/path.hpp>
#include <platform/Types.h>
#include <serialization/IsTransparentSerializable.h>
#include <serialization/SplitReflect.h>
#include <serialization/PropertyHint.h>
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class  IsTransparentSerializable< Path, SerializerTag >


 specialize cv::DataType for our ImgPixel and inherit from cv::DataType<Vec>
 Namespace to put all PropertyHint creation functions.


typedef boost::filesystem::path Path
 Typedef of a Path (shorter version for boost::filesystem::path) More...
typedef std::vector< Path > PathVector
 Typedef for vector of Paths. More...


MIRA_BASE_EXPORT PathVector extractPaths (const std::string &env)
 Extracts and resolves all paths contained in an environment variable. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path normalizePath (const Path &path)
 Normalizes a path: it resolves all ".." in a path. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path resolvePath (const Path &path, bool makeAbsolute=true)
 Resolves a path. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT bool isRootOfPath (const Path &root, const Path &path)
 The function takes two absolute paths and returns true if the given root path is part of the path given in the path argument. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path getExecutableDirectory ()
 Get the path of the current running application binary. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path getHomeDirectory ()
 Get the absolute path of the current user's home directory. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path getAppDataDirectory (const std::string &appName="mira")
 Returns the absolute path for application-specific data. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path getTempDirectory ()
 Get the absolute path of the temporary directory. More...
MIRA_BASE_EXPORT Path relativizePath (const Path &path, const Path &base)
 Returns relative path from base to path. More...
template<typename Reflector >
void reflectRead (Reflector &r, Path &path)
 Nonintrusive reflect method for Path. More...
template<typename Reflector >
void reflectWrite (Reflector &r, Path &path)
 Nonintrusive reflect method for Path. More...
PropertyHint file (const std::string &filters=std::string(), bool save=false)
 Tells the property editor that the path is for a file, and that it should show a "File Open"/"File Save" dialog instead of a "Choose Path" dialog. More...

Detailed Description

Functions for modifying file system paths.

Tim Langner