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BinarySerializer.h File Reference

Binary serializer and deserializer. More...

#include <tuple>
#include <stream/BinaryStream.h>
#include <serialization/Serializer.h>
#include <serialization/Deserializer.h>
#include <serialization/BinarySerializerCodec.h>
#include <serialization/IsBitwiseSerializable.h>
#include <platform/Types.h>
#include <platform/Typename.h>
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class  BinarySerializerMixin
 Used by BinarySerializer and BinaryDeserializer. More...
class  StreamAccessMixinBase< BinaryStream >
 Base for buffered/unbuffered stream access. More...
class  StreamAccessMixin< BinaryStream, Buffered >
 Direct stream access. More...
class  StreamAccessMixin< BinaryStream, true >
 Stream access buffered through BinaryBufferOstream, can be used to work around limitations of underlying stream (in particular, missing support of tellp/seekp). More...
struct  BinarySerializerTag
 Serializer that uses BinaryOstream to serialize the objects in binary format. More...
class  BinarySerializer< Derived >
class  ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered >
class  SerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered, StreamType >
 Used by BinarySerializer, defines the binary format in particular for class versioning information: 0 = version numbers are stored inline in binary data when version() is called; 1 = same as version 0, except that version 1 (as all following versions) explicitly stores version number at the beginning of serialized data; 2 = the positions in binary data are fixed where each object part stores its version number (or a placeholder if not versioned [yet]!). More...
class  SerializerFormatMixin01Base< Serializer, StreamType >
class  SerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 0, Buffered, StreamType >
class  SerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 1, Buffered, StreamType >
class  SerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 2, Buffered, StreamType >
class  ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered >
class  BinaryDeserializer< Derived >
 Deserializer that uses BinaryIstream to deserialize the objects from binary format. More...
class  ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion >
class  DeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryVersionFormat >
 Used by BinaryDeserializer, see SerializerFormatMixin above. More...
class  DeserializerFormatMixin01Base< Deserializer, BinaryStream >
class  DeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 0 >
class  DeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 1 >
class  DeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 2 >
class  ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion >


 specialize cv::DataType for our ImgPixel and inherit from cv::DataType<Vec>


#define BINARY_VERSION_MARKER   65432u


typedef ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryBufferOstream, 2 > BinaryBufferSerializer
 Typedef for BinarySerializer based on a Buffer. More...
typedef ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryBufferOstream, 0 > BinaryBufferSerializerLegacy
typedef ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStlOstream, 2 > BinaryStreamSerializer
 Typedef for BinarySerializer based on STL streams. More...
typedef ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStlOstream, 2, true > BufferedBinaryStreamSerializer
typedef ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStlOstream, 0 > BinaryStreamSerializerLegacy
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryBufferIstream, 2 > BinaryBufferDeserializer
 Typedef for BinaryDeserializer based on a Buffer. More...
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryBufferIstream, 1 > BinaryBufferDeserializerLegacyMarked
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryBufferIstream, 0 > BinaryBufferDeserializerLegacy
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStlIstream, 2 > BinaryStreamDeserializer
 Typedef for BinaryDeserializer based on a stl stream. More...
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStlIstream, 1 > BinaryStreamDeserializerLegacyMarked
typedef ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStlIstream, 0 > BinaryStreamDeserializerLegacy

Detailed Description

Binary serializer and deserializer.

Erik Einhorn, Christof Schröter

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#define BINARY_VERSION_MARKER   65432u