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directory  adapters


file  AbstractReflector.h [code]
 Abstract base class for most Reflectors.
file  Accessor.h [code]
 Contains internal accessor class that abstracts from the underlying getter and setter classes or direct access to provide a transparent and uniform interface (The classes in this header are part of the internals)
file  Array.h [code]
 Wrapper class for reflecting arrays.
file  BinaryJSONConverter.h [code]
 Direct conversion between binary and JSON serialized data (using metatype description)
file  BinarySerializer.h [code]
 Binary serializer and deserializer.
file  BinarySerializerCodec.h [code]
 Base class for codecs for BinarySerializer and BinaryDeserializer.
file  DefaultInitializer.h [code]
 Provides the DefaultInitializer.
file  Deserializer.h [code]
 Contains base class for all deserializers.
file  GetterSetter.h [code]
 Provides definition for getters and setters that are used with the serialization framework.
file  IgnoreMissing.h [code]
Marker for indicating parameters that should be ignored if they are
missing in the config file.

file  IsAtomicSerializable.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether a type can be serialized as atomic value.
file  IsBitwiseSerializable.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether a type can be serialized bitwise.
file  IsCollection.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether a type is a collection.
file  IsNotMetaSerializable.h [code]
 Type trait that indicates whether a type does not support to gather meta information about it.
file  IsObjectTrackable.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether pointer/object tracking should be enabled for a certain type.
file  IsPointerOrSharedPointer.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether a type is a pointer type or a shared pointer.
file  IsTransparentSerializable.h [code]
 Provides type trait that indicates whether a type should be serialized "transparently".
file  JSONSerializer.h [code]
 Serializer and Deserializer for JSON format.
file  MetaSerializer.h [code]
 Serializer for creating meta information out of types using serialization.
file  NoGenericReflect.h [code]
 Provides the MIRA_NO_GENERIC_REFLECT macros.
file  PolymorphicPointerReflector.h [code]
 For internal use by RecursiveMemberReflector.h!
file  Print.h [code]
 Provides print() method that uses serialization to print objects.
file  PropertyHint.h [code]
 Provides property hints and attributes.
file  PropertyManager.h [code]
 PropertyManager that stores PropertyNodes.
file  PropertyNode.h [code]
 Declaration and implementation of the property node hierarchy.
file  PropertyReflector.h [code]
 Base class for all Reflectors that take care of properties.
file  PropertySerializer.h [code]
 Serializer that handles properties and creates PropertyNodes.
file  PropertyTree.h [code]
 Helper class for representing the tree structure of properties.
file  RecursiveMemberReflector.h [code]
file  ReflectCollection.h [code]
 ReflectCollectionCount and ReflectCollectionItems to be specialized for certain Reflectors.
file  ReflectControlFlags.h [code]
 Flags controlling reflector behaviour.
file  ReflectMemberMeta.h [code]
 Struct to take meta information for each reflected member.
file  ReflectorInterface.h [code]
 Contains the base interface of all Reflectors, Serializers, etc.
file  ReflectorMacros.h [code]
 Macros for use with reflectors.
file  Serialization.h [code]
 Provides MIRA_CLASS_SERIALIZATION macro and includes the major headers of the serialization framework.
file  Serializer.h [code]
 Contains the Serializer template, a base class for all serializers.
file  SetterNotify.h [code]
 Provides a special setter, that simply sets the value of the member to the given value AND calls a user defined notification method afterwards.
file  SplitReflect.h [code]
 Provides MIRA_SPLIT_REFLECT macros.
file  VoidCast.h [code]
 Provides safe casts for casting from a pointer to void* and vice versa while taking care of polymorphism and multiple inheritance.
file  XMLSerializer.h [code]
 XMLSerializer and XMLDeserializer.