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SplitReflect.h File Reference

Provides MIRA_SPLIT_REFLECT macros. More...

#include <boost/mpl/eval_if.hpp>
#include <boost/mpl/identity.hpp>
#include <platform/Typename.h>
#include <serialization/ReflectorMacros.h>
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class  ReflectorInterface< Derived >
 This is the public interface of all reflectors that are able to visit a class' reflect() method. More...
struct  SplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >
struct  SplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >::__reflectRead
struct  SplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >::__reflectWrite


 specialize cv::DataType for our ImgPixel and inherit from cv::DataType<Vec>


 Macro that inserts a reflect() method consisting of just a call to splitReflect() (splitting to reflectRead() / reflectWrite()). More...
 Macro that insert a class member reflect() method just splitting reflection into a reflectRead() and reflectWrite() method. More...


template<typename __reflectReadOrWrite , typename Reflector , typename Class >
void splitReflectMemberInvoke (Reflector &r, Class *This)
template<typename Reflector , typename Class >
void splitReflectMember (mira::ReflectorInterface< Reflector > &r, Class *This)
 This method is used to split reflection into a reflectRead() and reflectWrite() method. More...

Detailed Description

Provides MIRA_SPLIT_REFLECT macros.

Erik Einhorn