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AuthorityManager.h File Reference

Manager class for all authorities in a framework. More...

#include <map>
#include <fw/Authority.h>
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class  SharedAuthority
 A wrapper providing locked/shared access to an AbstractAuthority pointer (used by AuthorityManager::getAuthority()) The lifetime of the AbstractAuthority object the pointer points to is ensured as long as one wrapper instance exists that wraps the same AbstractAuthority pointer. More...
struct  PropertyQueryResult
 A structure used for returning the complete result of a (remote) property query, including potential info about a thrown exception. More...
class  AuthorityManager
 Central instance that stores all created Authorities. More...


 specialize cv::DataType for our ImgPixel and inherit from cv::DataType<Vec>

Detailed Description

Manager class for all authorities in a framework.

Erik Einhorn