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fw Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for fw:


file  AbstractAuthority.h [code]
 Abstract base class of authorities.
file  AbstractChannel.h [code]
 Base class for all framework channels.
file  AbstractChannelSubscriber.h [code]
 Base class for all channel subscribers.
file  Authority.h [code]
 Authority class that is used to access the functionality of the framework.
file  AuthorityDescription.h [code]
 Descriptive informations about an authority.
file  AuthorityManager.h [code]
 Manager class for all authorities in a framework.
file  AuthorityProvider.h [code]
 Abstract interface for classes that can provide an authority.
file  AuthorityRuntime.h [code]
 Runtime class containing the threading related parts of authorities.
file  Channel.h [code]
 Framework channel classes.
file  ChannelBuffer.h [code]
 Classes for managing a channels internal buffer (slots).
file  ChannelBufferSlotFlags.h [code]
 Flags for internal usage by remote components of framework and recorder / player units.
file  ChannelManager.h [code]
 Manager class for all framework channels.
file  ChannelPromoteByTypename.h [code]
 Infrastructure for promotion of channels from void to typed based on runtime knowledge of the typename.
file  ChannelPromoteByTypenameRegistration.h [code]
 Registration interface for channel types to enable promotion from void to typed based on runtime knowledge of the type name.
file  ChannelReadInterval.h [code]
 Classes for reading whole intervals of data from channels.
file  ChannelReadWrite.h [code]
 Classes for automatic locking/unlocking when reading and writing to channels.
file  ChannelSubscriber.h [code]
 Subscriber classes used to subscribe on channels for automatic notification.
file  DiscoverService.h [code]
 Service that discovers other frameworks within a network using multicast.
file  DispatcherThread.h [code]
 Dispatcher class that allows registration of handler functions that need to be called from within the same thread.
file  ErrorService.h [code]
 Service used in framework to collect all errors and store them in a SQLite database.
file  Framework.h [code]
 The framework that holds all manager classes and provides startup and shutdown of all framework related services.
file  FrameworkDefines.h [code]
 Defines and constants for the framework.
file  FrameworkExports.h [code]
 Framework export macro declaration.
file  FrameworkGraph.h [code]
 Graph representation of channels and authorities of frameworks.
file  FrameworkMessage.h [code]
 Message types exchanged between remote frameworks.
file  FrameworkPch.h [code]
 Precompiled header.
file  FrameworkTransformer.h [code]
 Transformer manages and provides access to the transformation tree of the framework.
file  MicroUnit.h [code]
 Base class for all units.
file  NameRegistry.h [code]
 Resolving names of channels and authorities in namespaces.
file  PerformanceStatistics.h [code]
 Gather statistics of the flow rate per second.
file  RemoteAuthority.h [code]
 An authority class that represents a remote authority that is located in a connected framework.
file  RemoteConnection.h [code]
 Connection classes representing connections between frameworks.
file  RemoteConnectionPool.h [code]
 Connection pool that holds the ownership for RemoteConnections.
file  RemoteModule.h [code]
 The framework module responsible for connections to remote frameworks.
file  RemoteServer.h [code]
 Server that accepts connections from remote frameworks.
file  ResourceName.h [code]
 Class for resolving and managing names and namespaces.
file  RPCHandler.h [code]
 Signal handler class for RPC calls.
file  Runnable.h [code]
 TODO Add description.
file  ServiceInterfaceHandler.h [code]
 Signal handler class for signaling when service interfaces get available.
file  ServiceLevel.h [code]
 QoS management informations.
file  ServiceProperty.h [code]
 Property that can be used whenever a unit has a service as property.
file  Status.h [code]
 Status and status management classes used for diagnostics.
file  Tape.h [code]
 A Tape is a representation of recorded channel data in a binary file.
file  TapePlayer.h [code]
 Class for playing back tapes.
file  TapeRecorder.h [code]
 Class for recording data to tape.
file  TapeVisitor.h [code]
 Class implementing a visitor concept for tapes.
file  TransformProperty.h [code]
 Property that can be used whenever a unit has a transform frame as property.
file  Unit.h [code]
 More complex base class for units that provides a configurable worker thread (process()).
file  UnitManager.h [code]
 Managing class for all (micro) units.
file  UnitPch.h [code]
 Default precompiled header that is suitable for units.