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views Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for views:


file  GUIMimeTypes.h [code]
 Common MIME types (for drag n drop, etc)
file  GuiViewsExports.h [code]
 Gui export macro declaration.
file  PropertyView.h [code]
 Editor/Viewer for properties.
file  PropertyViewPage.h [code]
 Declaration of the PropertyViewPage.
file  Visualization2DView.h [code]
 Declaration of the Visualization2DView.
file  Visualization3DView.h [code]
 Declaration of the Visualization3DView.
file  VisualizationControl.h [code]
 Declaration of the VisualizationControl.
file  VisualizationControlPage.h [code]
 Declaration of the VisualizationControlPage.
file  VisualizationTextView.h [code]
 View for text visualizations.
file  VisualizationView.h [code]
 Declaration of VisualizationView and VisualizationViewTransformable.