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factory Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for factory:


file  Class.h [code]
 $Definition of the Class which supports some kind of class reflection and acts like a class factory$.
file  Factory.h [code]
 $Header file containing base classes to enable class creation using a class factory$
file  FactoryMacros.h [code]
 $Macros for registering classes$.
file  HasDefaultConstructor.h [code]
 $short description$.
file  LibraryRegistry.h [code]
 Registry for shared libraries.
file  LightFactoryMutexGetter.h [code]
 $This file avoids recursive includes between Class.h and Factory.h$.
file  ManifestAgent.h [code]
 ManifestAgent manages loading of manifest files.
file  NullClass.h [code]
 Provide marker class for marking an invalid "null" class.
file  Object.h [code]
 $Defines object class as base class for classFactory compatible classes$.
file  TClass.h [code]
 $In contrast to the VacantClass this is the "real" class specific implementation which is able to construct the class$.
file  TemplateClass.h [code]
 $Definition of the template class objects which enables the factory to work with template classes$.
file  TypeId.h [code]
 Provides method for generating a unique id for any type.
file  VacantClass.h [code]
 $Interface for the hollow class, which loads the library associated with the class if necessary.