error Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for error:


file  CallStack.h [code]
 Encapsulates call stack functionality.
file  Exception.h [code]
 Exception base class.
file  ExceptionCallStackSize.h [code]
file  Exceptions.h [code]
 Commonly used exception classes.
file  Inspect.h [code]
 Provides the MIRA_INSPECT macro.
file  LogConsoleSink.h [code]
 Logging sink for log output to console.
file  LogCustomizableFilter.h [code]
 A customizable log filter.
file  LogCustomizableFormatter.h [code]
 A customizable log formatter.
file  LogFileSink.h [code]
 Logging sink for file output with support for rolling and daily log files.
file  Logging.h [code]
 Header including various log headers.
file  LoggingAux.h [code]
 Auxiliary logging macros for special entities like exceptions, etc.
file  LoggingCore.h [code]
 Core class of the logging library.
file  LogSimpleFormatter.h [code]
 A simple log formatter.
file  LogTimer.h [code]
 Stop watch timer for logging execution times.
file  LogTxtStreamSink.h [code]
 Simple stream log sink.
file  SignalHandler.h [code]
 Registration of signal handlers for several interrupt signals.
file  SystemError.h [code]
 A platform independent way to get the last system error code.