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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCReflectCallHelper< Reflector >::__NoReflectBarrier
oCReflectCallHelper< Reflector >::__ReflectBarrier
oCSplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >::__reflectRead
oCSplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >::__reflectWrite
oCAbstractDeferredInvokerAbstract interface for DeferredInvoker which is a class to support different RPC backends
oCAbstractInterfaceCallbackHandlerAbstract interface for derived handler(s)
oCAbstractRPCClientAbstract interface for RPCClient
oCAbstractRPCHandlerAbstract interface for derived RPCHandler(s)
oCAbstractTransformerNodeAbstract base class where all other different types of transformation nodes must be derived from
oCAcceptDesiredVersionTag class used as parameter to ReflectorInterface::version() etc
oCAccessorGetterPart< T >Implements the "getter part" of an Accessor
oCAccessorGetterPart< Getter >
oCAccessorGetterPart< Getter< T > >
oCAccessorGetterPartInternalRedirect< T >This class is used as additional reflection redirect
oCAccessorGetterPartInternalRedirect< Getter >
oCAccessorSetterPart< T >Implements the "setter part" of an Accessor
oCAccessorSetterPart< NullSetter< T > >
oCAccessorSetterPart< Setter >
oCAccessorSetterPart< Setter< T > >
oCAESConfigurationThe AES configuration for encryption and decryption
oCCreateUsing< Alloc >::Allocator< T >
oCAngleBase< T, UnitTag, Derived >Base class template for derived Angle implementations
oCAngleBase< float, Private::DegreeUnitTag, Degree< float > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::DegreeUnitTag, Degree< T > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::DegreeUnitTag, Derived >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::DegreeUnitTag, SignedDegree< T > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::RadianUnitTag, Angle< T > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::RadianUnitTag, Derived >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::RadianUnitTag, Radian< T > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::RadianUnitTag, SignedAngle< T > >
oCAngleBase< T, Private::RadianUnitTag, SignedRadian< T > >
oCSerializer< Derived >::AObjectIs used to store the type and the address of all previously serialized objects in a map
oCXMLDom::attribute_iteratorIterator for iterating over attributes
oCAuthorityDescriptionThis is the descriptive part of an authority
oCAuthorityManagerCentral instance that stores all created Authorities
oCAuthorityRuntimeThis class contains threading functionality that can be shared among different authorities so that all of them use the same thread (dispatcher thread)
oCRemoteModule::AuthSettingsContains the authentication settings
oCAutoCountingEnum< T, CountType, UseMutex >
oCAutoCountingHelper< T, CountType, UseMutex >
oCAutoCountingHelper< T, CountType, true >
oCAxesCovObjectVisualization of covariances for AxesObject
oCGeneralBresenhamLineIteratorCommonBase::AxisBaseData structure containing the numtype-independent relevant variables for one axis (dimension) of the line
oCSerialPort::BaudrateAn internal class for handling the baudrate
oCBinaryBufferStreamBaseAlthough this class is not a template we must keep its methods inline for performance reasons! write() and read() are called very often!
oCBinaryIosBaseHelper class that is a base for binaryostream and binaryistream in the same way as ios_base is a base of ostream and istream
oCBinaryRPCBackendTempl< BinaryFormatVersion >Provides binary client and server side requests and responses
oCBinarySerializerMixinUsed by BinarySerializer and BinaryDeserializer
oCBinarySerializerTagSerializer that uses BinaryOstream to serialize the objects in binary format
oCBresenhamLineIteratorImplements an iterator that is able to iterate over a Bresenham line point by point using the prefix ++operator and –operator
oCBuffer< T, Alloc >Generic buffer class that can be used as a replacement for std::vector whenever copying and reallocation of internal array buffer needs to be avoided
oCBuffer< uint8 >
oCCallStackEncapsulates unix call stack functionality
oCDistanceLUT::CellDistA struct to store the minimal and maximal distance of the cell towards the center point
oCTransformerBase::ChainRepresents a chain or path through the transformation tree from a staring node to the target node containing nodes whose transforms need to be applied inverse and nodes whose transforms need to be applied forward
oCChannel< T >An exception that occurs whenever a channel has no data
oCChannel< float >
oCChannel< type0 >
oCChannel< void >
oCChannelBufferPromoter< U * >Specialization of ChannelBufferPromoter for polymorphic pointer channel buffers
oCChannelBufferPromoterCommon< TargetType >Forward decl
oCChannelBufferPromoterCommon< U >
oCChannelContentChange< T >Class that can be registered as a filter when subscribing to channels to only get a callback when the content of the channel changes
oCChannelHysteresis< T >Class that can be registered as a filter when subscribing to channels to only get a callback when the state of the hysteresis trigger changes
oCChannelManager::ChannelInfoInformations about a channel that also provides ordering of channels by id
oCTape::ChannelInfoInformation about a channel in a tape
oCChannelInterval< T >Class that can be registered as a filter when subscribing to channels to only get a callback in a specified interval
oCChannelManagerAn exception that occurred whenever a channel does not exist
oCChannelPropertyBaseBase class for ChannelProperty template class
oCChannelPropertyProxyProxy class that is returned/set by the getter and setter methods of ChannelProperty
oCChannelReadInterval< T >An object that allows read access to a whole interval of channel data
oCChannelReadWriteCommonBase< Derived >
oCChannelReadWriteCommonBase< ChannelRead< T > >
oCChannelReadWriteCommonBase< ChannelRead< type0 > >
oCChannelReadWriteCommonBase< ChannelWrite< T > >
oCChannelReadWriteShared< DerivedContainer >Internally used by ChannelReadWriteBase! It contains the information about the channel and slot that can be shared between different ChannelRead/Write objects
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< ConcreteChannelReadWrite >
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< ChannelRead< T > >
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< ChannelRead< void > >
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< ChannelWrite< T > >
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< ChannelWrite< void > >
oCChannelReadWriteTraits< DerivedContainer >
oCChannelVectorSynchronizer1< type0 >Class that can be registered as a filter when subscribing to more than one channel to only get a callback when all channels have data with a similar timestamp (differ only in the specified tolerance)
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ChooseReflect< T >Detect the members type (A1,A2,A3,B1,B2,C) and choose the appropriate struct ReflectAtomic, etc
oCCircle< T >Represents a circle with a center and a radius
oCClassClass object which supports some kind of class reflection
oCClassProxyThe class proxy assures that the pointer to the class object is always valid
oCBinaryRPCBackendTempl< BinaryFormatVersion >::ClientRequestBinary client-side request
oCJSONRPCBackend::ClientRequestJSON client-side request
oCBinaryRPCBackendTempl< BinaryFormatVersion >::ClientResponseBinary client-side response
oCJSONRPCBackend::ClientResponseJSON client-side response
oCColormapPropertyA special property class that can be used as member, if you want to provide a ComboBox where the user is able to select the available and registered color colormaps
oCCompoundMetaMeta information for complex compounds, like classes and structs
oCConcreteChannel< T >
oCConcreteChannel< float >
oCConcreteChannel< type0 >
oCConcreteChannel< void >
oCConfigurationLoaderClass for loading, parsing, modifying and interpreting application configuration files
oCXMLDom::const_attribute_iteratorConst iterator for iterating over attributes
oCXMLDom::const_data_iterator< Type >Const iterator for iterating over data nodes
oCChannelReadInterval< T >::const_iteratorConst iterator for iterating over the interval
oCCreateStatic< T >Implementation of the CreationPolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCCreateUsing< Alloc >Implementation of the CreationPolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCCreateUsingNew< T >Implementation of the CreationPolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCIncrementalMoments< T, 1, 1 >::Ctx
oCIncrementalMoments< T, D, 1 >::Ctx
oCLogCustomizableFilter::CustomFilterBaseAbstract base class for custom filters
oCLogCustomizableFormatter::CustomFormatBaseAbstract base class for all CustomFormats
oCXMLDom::data_iterator< Type >Iterator for iterating over data nodes
oCVisualization::DataConnectionThe data structure that is returned by getDataConnection
oCDeferredInvokerFinishHandlerHandler that is called when a deferred RPC call was executed and finished and therefore when the response is available
oCDeg2RadNonNegativeTypeA tag type used as parameter type in deg2radSetter, signalling that negative values are not permitted
oCDelegate public Object
oCDeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryVersionFormat >Used by BinaryDeserializer, see SerializerFormatMixin above
oCDeserializerFormatMixin01Base< Deserializer, BinaryStream >
oCDeserializerFormatMixin01Base< ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStream, 0 >, BinaryStream >
oCDeserializerFormatMixin01Base< ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStream, 1 >, BinaryStream >
oCDeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryBufferIstream, BinaryFormatVersion >
oCDeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 2 >
oCDeserializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion >
oCDiagnosticsModuleBase class for modules that want to use diagnostics and set the current status
oCDiscoverServiceService that is used to discover other running frameworks in the same network using multicast on
oCDispatcherThreadClass that can be used whenever you want to have ONE thread where several handlers are assigned to
oCEigenFormatBase class for formatting eigen matrices
oCProcess::EnvironmentHolds the environment variables that can be passed to a process
oCErrorService::ErrorError informations
oCErrorServiceClass that allows to store errors persistently in a SQLite database
oCexceptionSTL class
oCExtEnum_RemoveBrackets< typename >
oCExtEnum_RemoveBrackets< void(T)>
oCTape::FileInfoInformation about a tape file
oCBinarySerializerCodec::FourccA four-character code that is used to identify data formats and codecs
oCFrameworkGraphMixin< C, void >
oCFrameworkMessageHeaderData that is sent as header in each message between remote frameworks
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, Filter >
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, LinearInterpolator >
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, LinearInterpolatorExtrapolationLimit >
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, LinearInterpolatorNearestNeighbourExtrapolator >
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, LinearInterpolatorNoExtrapolation >
oCFrameworkTransformReadAccessor< ChannelTransformType, NearestNeighborInterpolator >
oCFrameworkTransformWriteAccessor< Transform >
oCFromHex< T >Can be used with fromString to convert hex strings into numbers
oCFromOct< T >Can be used with fromString to convert oct strings into numbers
oCGetter< T >Holds a boost::function object to a special getter function that must meet the signature "T method()"
oCHasAssignHelper< T, U >
oCTape::HeaderHeader containing type and size of the following packet
oCIAdaptableAn interface for an adaptable object
oCIAuthorityProviderAbstract interface for classes that can provide an authority via the getAuthority() method
oCIFrameworkTransformer< Derived >IFrameworkTransformer defines RPC methods provided by FrameworkTransformer
oCIFrameworkTransformer< FrameworkTransformer >
oCIgnoreMissingMarker for indicating parameters that should be ignored if they are missing in the config file
oCImgBase< TImg >ImgBase class
oCImgBase< Img< T, 1 > >
oCImgBase< Img< T, TChannels > >
oCImgBase< Img< void, 1 > >
oCImgBase< TImg >::ImgFormatImage storage format description (used e.g
oCImgPixelBase< T, Channels >Base interface for ImgPixel classes This class wraps typed cv::Vect to represent an ImagePixel The Vect is typed by template parameter T and channels are set by template parameter Channels
oCImgPixelBase< T, 1 >
oCImgPixelBase< T, 2 >
oCImgPixelBase< T, 3 >
oCImgPixelBase< T, 4 >
oCImgWidget::IMouseListenerThe mouse listener interface that can be implemented to react on user interaction
oCIncrementalMoments< T, D, Order >Incremental computation of one- and higher-dimensional statistical moments of first and higher orders (mean and variance, etc.)
oCIncrementalMoments< T, 1, 1 >
oCIncrementalMoments< T, D, 1 >
oCIndexSelectorPropertyBaseBase for template class IndexSelectorProperty
oCException::InfoThe info packet that is added in MIRA_THROW and MIRA_RETHROW
oCInteractionListener3DListener for mouse events on movable objects in a 3D view
oCIntervalFilterConcept and base class for all Interpolators and Filters
oCIntSignalStructure used in signal handlers to pass the signal and callstack
oCios_baseSTL class
oCIOServiceWrapper class for boost::asio::io_service
oCIsDefaultConstructible< T >IsDefaultConstructible<T>::value evaluates to true, if T is default constructible, otherwise false
oCColormap::iteratorIterator that can iterate over the whole color colormap similar to STL iterators on containers
oCTapeVisitor::iteratorIterator to iterate over all messages in all tapes visited by the visitor
oCXMLDom::iterator_baseBase iterator for iterating over xml nodes with the same parent (siblings)
oCIteratorRangeContainer< Iterator >Wraps an STL conform container around a range of values within another container
oCIVisualizationSiteThe primary interface between a Visualization and the container of the visualization (e.g
oCIWorkbenchPartSiteThe primary interface between a workbench part and the workbench
oCJSONRPCBackendProvides JSON client and server side requests and responses
oCJSONRPCResponseWraps a JSON RPC call response
oCKnownFrameworkInformation and settings for a known remote framework
oCLine< T, D >Represents a line segment that is spanned by two given points
oCLockedPropertyNodeAccess< NodeType, ValueType, false, true >
oCLogFilterBaseAbstract base class for log filters
oCLogFormatterBaseAbstract base class for sink formatters
oCLogRecordHolds all the information about a log entry
oCLogRecordFunctionInfoHolds information about a log entry function
oCLogSinkAbstract base class for all log sinks
oCLogTimerClass that can be used as a stop watch to measure execution time of operations
oCMakeStringClass for in-place stream formatting Used for constructs like:
oCManifestAgentClass for managing manifest files
oCManifestClassInfoSimple class encapsulation parent and class information stored in a "real" class object
oCmap< K, T >STL class
oCMatrix< _Scalar, _Rows, _Cols, _Options, _MaxRows, _MaxCols > [external]
oCMatrix< T, 2, 1 > [external]
oCMatrix< T, 3, 1 > [external]
oCMatrix< T, D, 1 > [external]
oCCompoundMeta::MemberA single member of the compound
oCMemoryBlockInfoDetailed information of used memory within a memory block
oCMemoryUsageMemory usage information in kB
oCMeshFactory::MeshFormatInfoProvides information for each format including a human readable description (e.g
oCTape::MessageStruct for message data in a tape
oCTape::MessageBlockStruct for a message block in a tape
oCTape::MessageIndexIndex entry for a message in the tape
oCTapeVisitor::MessageInfoInfo about a message entry in a tape
oCTapeVisitor::MessageInstanceInstance of a message from a tape
oCRPCServer::MethodInfoContains information on an existing RPC method: the signature of the method, comments, etc
oCMethodMetaMeta information for RPC methods
oCMulticastSenderThis class acts as a sender for multicast messages
oCMutexLockImplementation of the LockPolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCNameRegistryStores aliases for namespaces and allows to resolve local names to global fully qualified names
oCXMLDom::NameSpaceNamespace information of a node
oCNetworkTypeTrait< T >Trait that specifies the conversion type of a given data type
oCNetworkTypeTrait< double >Specialization for double
oCNetworkTypeTrait< float >Specialization for float
oCNoDestroyLifetime< T >Implementation of the LifetimePolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCNoLockImplementation of the LockPolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCNormalLifetime< T >Implementation of the LifetimePolicy that is used by the Singleton template
oCNoValueEnum< T >
oCNullSetter< T >"Null-Setter" tag-class where the AccessorSetterPart does nothing
oCNumericalIstreamNumerical stream adapter that can be assigned to any input stream and allows streaming of numerical values
oCNumericalOstreamNumerical stream adapter that can be assigned to any output stream and allows streaming of numerical values
oCObjectThe object class acts as a generic base class for classes which should be used with the classFactory
oCRPCServer::ParameterInfoContains information on an RPC method's parameter: name, description
oCRPCClient::PendingResponseBaseInterface for PendingResponse
oCplaceholder_template< int >
oCPoseVectorTrait< TPose >Typetrait that returns the correct vector type, that depends on whether the Eigen-datatypes of the pose need an alignment or not
oCPoseVectorTrait< Pose3 >
oCPoseVectorTrait< PoseCov3 >
oCPowerComputer< T, N >
oCPowerComputer< T, 0 >
oCPowerComputer< T, 1 >
oCpriority_queue< T >STL class
oCPropertyHintA property hint gives optional instructions to the property editor, i.e
oCPropertyManagerThe property manager maintains the properties of objects that are added to the manager
oCPropertyTreeHelper class that is able to hold a complete property tree structure
oCPseudoClassThis is an auxiliary to enable more verbose exception messages
oCQueryNumberResultA struct used for return value of getNumberElementIfExists()
oCQueryValueResultA struct used for return value of getElementIfExists()
oCRandomGenerator< Distribution, Engine >Template class to easily generate random generators using the boost::random distributions and generators
oCRandomGenerator< detail::UniformRandomDistributionChooser< T >::type >
oCRandomGenerator< NormalRandomDistribution< D, T > >
oCRasterTransformationMap a rectangular area from one raster into another, with an arbitrary transformation (scale, translation, rotation) inbetween
oCReadMapPairHelper< Derived, key_type, value_type >
oCRecordedChannelInfoContains all settings for a recorded channel like compression, codecs,..
oCRectBase< T, D, Derived >The base class for rectangles
oCRectBase< double, D, Rect< double, D > >
oCRectBase< float, D, Rect< float, D > >
oCRectBase< int, D, Rect< int, D > >
oCRectBase< T, 2, Rect< T, 2 > >
oCRectBase< T, 3, Rect< T, 3 > >
oCRectBase< T, D, Rect< T, D > >
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectArrayType A3: for arrays
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectAtomicType A1: for atomic members (float,int,etc.)
oCReflectCallHelper< Reflector >
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectCollectionType B?c: for collection types
oCReflectCollectionCount< Reflector, Collection >Can be specialized for a concrete derived RecursiveMemberReflector to reflect the size of collections like vectors, arrays, lists, maps, etc
oCReflectCollectionCount< JSONDeserializer, Collection >Specialization for JSONDeserializer which counts the item nodes in the parent node to recover the item count, which is much more user friendly, since the user does not need to provide the count himself
oCReflectCollectionCount< JSONDeserializer, std::map< std::string, mapped_type > >
oCReflectCollectionCount< JSONSerializer, Collection >Specialization for JSONSerializer which does not write the item count explicitly
oCReflectCollectionItems< Reflector, Container >Can be specialized for a concrete derived RecursiveMemberReflector to reflect the items of collections like vectors, arrays, lists, maps, etc
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectComplexType B1/B2: for complex types
oCAbstractReflector< Derived >::ReflectComplexIntrusiveFor classes with reflect method call their reflect method directly
oCAbstractReflector< Derived >::ReflectComplexNonintrusiveFor classes without reflect method, where we need to look somewhere else to get the information for visiting it
oCReflectedAsPointer< T, Reflector >For internal use only: Holds value=true, if the type T is ever reflected as pointer with Reflector within this translation unit (C file), otherwise false
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectEnumerationType A2: for enums
oCReflectMemberMetaStores meta information for each member
oCAbstractReflector< Derived >::ReflectMissing
oCReflectorInterface< Derived >This is the public interface of all reflectors that are able to visit a class' reflect() method
oCReflectorInterface< ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryBufferIstream, BinaryFormatVersion > >
oCReflectorInterface< ConcreteBinaryDeserializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion > >
oCReflectorInterface< ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered > >
oCReflectorInterface< ConcreteBinarySerializer< mira::BinaryOstream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered > >
oCReflectorInterface< DefaultInitializer >
oCReflectorInterface< JSONDeserializer >
oCReflectorInterface< JSONSerializer >
oCReflectorInterface< MetaSerializer >
oCReflectorInterface< PropertySerializer >
oCReflectorInterface< RPCReflector >
oCReflectorInterface< XMLDeserializer >
oCReflectorInterface< XMLSerializer >
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectPointerType C: for members that are pointers
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectPointerAbstractType C3: for members that are pointers to abstract classes not derived from mira::Object
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectPointerNormalType C1: for members that are pointers to normal classes
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectPointerPolymorphicType C2: for members that are pointers to polymorphic classes derived from mira::Object
oCReflectReadMap< Reflector, Container >Reflects generic associative containers like map, multimap, hash_map
oCReflectReadMapItems< Reflector, Container >
oCReflectReadMapItems< JSONSerializer, std::map< std::string, mapped_type > >
oCReflectReadSeq< Reflector, Container >Reflects generic sequential containers like vectors, list, deque (Read Only / Serialization)
oCReflectReadSet< Reflector, Container >Reflects generic set containers like set, multiset
oCReflectReadSetItems< Reflector, Container >
oCReflectorInterface< Derived >::ReflectStateIf 'reflect barriers' are used, each separated reflection block within an object has a separate state (defined by the Reflector)
oCRecursiveMemberReflectorBase< Derived >::ReflectUnknown
oCReflectWriteMap< Reflector, Container >Reflects generic associative containers like map, multimap, hash_map
oCReflectWriteMapItems< Reflector, Container >
oCReflectWriteMapItems< JSONDeserializer, std::map< std::string, mapped_type > >
oCReflectWriteSeq< Reflector, Container >Reflects generic sequencial containers like vectors, list, deque (Write Only / Deserialization)
oCReflectWriteSet< Reflector, Container >Deserializes generic set containers like set, multiset
oCReflectWriteSetItems< Reflector, Container >
oCDistanceLUT::RegionProvides a view on a portion of the Distance LUT and can be obtained by calling DistanceLUT::getRegion()
oCRegistrar< TRegistrar >A template class that creates a static instance of TRegistrar
oCRemoteConnectionPoolOwner of every RemoteConnection
oCRPCManager::RemoteFinishHandlerHandler that must be implemented by the remote module to send RPC responses to a remote server which sent a previous RPC request
oCRemoteModuleManages connections to other remote frameworks
oCRPCManager::RemoteRequestHandlerHandler that must be implemented by the remote module to send RPC requests to a remote server
oCRemoteServerServer class handling incoming connections from remote frameworks
oCResourceNameClass for storing/combining/managing resource names consisting of namespaces and names separated by '/' Resource names can be combined and normalized
oCRigidTransform< T, D >This class represents an affine transformation that supports a translation followed by a rotation (a so called rigid transform)
oCRigidTransform< float, 2 >
oCRigidTransform< float, 3 >
oCRigidTransform< float, D >
oCRigidTransformBase< T, D, TRotation, TransformDerived >Implementation of RigidTransforms with different dimensionality D
oCRigidTransformBase< T, 2, Eigen::Rotation2D< T >, RigidTransform< T, 2 > >
oCRigidTransformBase< T, 3, Eigen::Quaternion< T >, RigidTransform< T, 3 > >
oCRPCCallDefinitionStores info required to call an RPC method - service name, method name, arguments
oCRPCInvokerBase of all TRPCInvoker classes which are templates to support different RPC backends
oCRPCServerThe RPCServer is responsible for handling the server-side of an rpc call
oCRPCSignatureStores the signature of an RPC method including the methods name and its parameter types
oCRSAKeyDefinition of a RSA key (public or private)
oCRSASignatureA class for signing and verifying messages using a RSA key pair
oCAuthority::RWAccessFlagsChannel access flags
oCSchmittTriggerHysteresis< T >Class realizing a Schmitt trigger
oCSerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered, StreamType >Used by BinarySerializer, defines the binary format in particular for class versioning information: 0 = version numbers are stored inline in binary data when version() is called; 1 = same as version 0, except that version 1 (as all following versions) explicitly stores version number at the beginning of serialized data; 2 = the positions in binary data are fixed where each object part stores its version number (or a placeholder if not versioned [yet]!)
oCSerializerFormatMixin01Base< Serializer, StreamType >
oCSerializerFormatMixin01Base< ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStream, 0, Buffered >, StreamType >
oCSerializerFormatMixin01Base< ConcreteBinarySerializer< BinaryStream, 1, Buffered >, StreamType >
oCSerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, 2, Buffered, StreamType >
oCSerializerFormatMixin< BinaryStream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered, StreamAccessMixin< BinaryStream, Buffered >::StreamType >
oCSerializerFormatMixin< mira::BinaryOstream, BinaryFormatVersion, Buffered, StreamAccessMixin< mira::BinaryOstream, Buffered >::StreamType >
oCSerialPortThis class acts as a wrapper to boost::asio::serial_port
oCJSONRPCBackend::ServerRequestJSON server-side request
oCBinaryRPCBackendTempl< BinaryFormatVersion >::ServerRequestBinary server-side request
oCJSONRPCBackend::ServerResponseJSON server-side response
oCBinaryRPCBackendTempl< BinaryFormatVersion >::ServerResponseBinary server-side response
oCRPCServer::ServiceInfo< TMethodSet >Contains all available information about a single RPC service, including the service' name, its registered methods and all implemented RPC interfaces
oCServiceLevelBaseQoS management information for channels
oCServicePropertyUse this class instead of a string property whenever your module has a service as property
oCset< K >STL class
oCSetReflectedAsPointer< T, Reflector >
oCSetter< T >Holds a boost::function object to a special setter function that must meet the signature "void method(T)"
oCSharedAuthorityA wrapper providing locked/shared access to an AbstractAuthority pointer (used by AuthorityManager::getAuthority()) The lifetime of the AbstractAuthority object the pointer points to is ensured as long as one wrapper instance exists that wraps the same AbstractAuthority pointer
oCSharedLibraryLoaderClass for loading multiple shared libraries
oCSpinlockA spinlock is similar to a mutex and allows thread synchronization of critical sections
oCSplitReflectMemberHelper< Reflector >
oCSQLiteCachedQueryA cached SQLite query object that supports serialization
oCSQLiteQueryClass representing a result of a SQLite database query
oCStampedDataQueue< T >Implements a queue where Stamped data can be added
oCStampedDataQueue< StorageTransform >
oCStampedHeaderThe common header for all stamped data
oCStatusStatus entry class
oCStatusManagerManages the status of one or multiple modules inheriting from DiagnosticsModule
oCStreamAccessMixinBase< BinaryStream >Base for buffered/unbuffered stream access
oCStreamAccessMixinBase< mira::BinaryOstream >
oCCallStack::SymbolContains all information of a single function symbol in the call stack
oCReflectorInterface< Derived >::Tag
oCTapeA tape is a binary file that contains recorded/serialized data of one or multiple channels
oCTapePlayerClass for playing back tape files
oCTapeRecorderClass for recording channel data to tape
oCTapeRecorderConfigA config that can be passed to the TapeRecorder which contains all settings that should be used for recording
oCTapeVisitorVisitor class to inspect tapes by channels and/or time interval
oCThreadMonitor::ThreadInfoA thread information type
oCToHex< T >Can be used with toString to convert values to their string hex representation
oCToOct< T >Can be used with toString to convert values to their string oct representation
oCTPower< base, exponent >Computes the power base^exponent at compile time
oCTPower< base, 0 >
oCTransformDescDescribes a path of transformations through the transformation tree
oCTransformerBaseBase class for Transformer to decouple base functionality that is type independent from type dependent Transformer class template
oCTransformPropertyUse this class instead of a string property whenever your module has a transform frame as property
oCTypedVoidConstPtrSame as TypedVoidPtr but const
oCTypedVoidPtrClass that allows to maintain type-safety when passing void pointers
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectAbstractHelper< T, bool >
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectAbstractHelper< T *, true >
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectAbstractHelper< T, true >
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectHelper< T, bool >
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectHelper< T *, true >
oCMetaSerializer::TypeWithoutObjectHelper< T, true >
oCUnitManagerClass managing micro units and units
oCvector< T >STL class
oCNoLock::Volatile< T >
oCMutexLock::Volatile< T >
oCWriteMapPairHelper< Derived, Container >
oCXMLDomPreprocessorPreprocesses XML documents and resolves all special tags like , <if>, <warning> and so on
oCXMLSerializerTagSerializer for serializing objects in XML format
oCXMLVariableValueVariables defined in xml documents
oCDispatcherThread::XUnrecoverableFailureException that can be thrown in every handler to indicate an unrecoverable failure