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NearestNeighborInterpolator Class Reference

1D nearest neighbor interpolator. More...

#include <math/NearestNeighborInterpolator.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool canExtrapolate () const
int samples () const
int samplesBefore () const
int samplesAfter () const
template<typename Tx , typename Ty , typename ContainerTx , typename ContainerTy >
const Ty & apply (const ContainerTx &x, const ContainerTy &y, const Tx &xx)

Detailed Description

1D nearest neighbor interpolator.

From two samples that are provided in the apply() method, this Filter will always return the value that is closest to the specified value xx.

If both samples have the same distance from xx, the second value will be returned.

Member Function Documentation

bool canExtrapolate ( ) const
int samples ( ) const
int samplesBefore ( ) const
int samplesAfter ( ) const
const Ty& apply ( const ContainerTx &  x,
const ContainerTy &  y,
const Tx &  xx 

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