- added Ubuntu-20.04 to install documentation

- changed Text Trace Visualization property 'Enforce Time Order' default to true
- ImageObject allows smax < 0.0, only smax<smin will be adjusted to [0.0, 1.0]
- fixed uninitialized access in PropertyDelegate_DoubleSpinBox

- made RecursiveProcessTest work correctly with newer boost test framework
- added MIRA_HAS_NONMEMBER_FUNCTION macros for detecting existence of specific free functions
- improved compile-time error message for serialization of a class missing a reflect() method
- added IsCopyAssignable trait, replaced is_base_of<boost::noncopyable>
- RPCReflector::method() variants without parameter descriptions are marked deprecated
  (-> compile time warning if used in reflect() methods)
- removed obsolete include of <sys/vtimes.h> (removed from glibc 2.33 (gcc 10.x))

- fixed multiple warning for channel type meta change in TapeRecorder
- RemoteAuthorityPropertyUpdater is destroyed before RPCManager in Framework finalize(),
  fixes crash on exit with delayed getProperty() RPCs
- unified ChannelSynchronizer/ChannelSynchronizerBySequenceID, sync mode is selected by setSynchronizationMode()
- fixed random errors/crashes on RemoteConnection disconnect

- added missing closeSplashScreen() before showing exception dialog
- fixed crash when RPCConsole view is closed while waiting for RPC
- fixed hang when MIRACenter is closed while RPCConsole waits for RPC

- AnglePropertyDelegate wraps around beyond minimum/maximum
- added property to RangeCircleVisualization for controlling position of circle size text marks

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