We compare the performance of MIRA with several other commonly used robot middlewares ROS, Yarp, Urbi, Player, LCM and MOOS. Thereby, we concentrate on the performance evaluation of the communication techniques only. In general, we analyze the communication overhead that is imposed by the middlewares. Since each middleware offers slightly different concepts for communication, the performance of those concepts can not be compared directly with each other. Instead, we defined simple scenarios that were implemented for each middleware using the available techniques that are provided by the middleware. The scenarios also define the performance metrics that are evaluated, e.g. delay, latency, memory usage, etc. The source code for all benchmarks is written in C++ and adapted to each tested middleware. Moreover, it was compiled with full compiler optimizations for all middlewares.

The source code of the benchmarks can be download here benchmarks-20120716.tar.bz2.


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