- fixed segfault in XMLDom when inserting nodes without doc info
- RPC call params of type char string literal ("foo") are automatically converted to std::string
- original RPC error messages are returned even if deserialization of stack trace etc. fails
- slightly improved error messages on failure to load XML document
- completed XMLDom reflection for serializers other than XMLSerializer
- extended Rect(const PointType& p1, const PointType& p2) constructors with optional
  parameter 'makeValid' (default = true, same as the previous behaviour)

- completed missing assertions and improve assert messages for dynamic casts in Authority
- added RPC Interface 'IConfigurationLoader' and method 'loadConfig' to Framework (extend configuration at any time)

- no changes in GUIFramework

- no changes in GUIWidgets

- fix possible crash from accessing destroyed editor window
- renamed EditorPartArea::updateMaximizedSubwindowsVisability to
- Workbench::getEditors() returns creation order by default, back to front ordering can be selected
- serialization of windows' 'AlwaysOnTop' property changed - a set 'AlwaysOnTop' property
  will be lost when loading an existing workspace file and must be set again (once)!
- workspace stores tab order of maximized editors persistently
- fixed losing window decorations in certain sequences if maximize/undock/dock

- no changes in GUIViews

- PoseTool can be used to enter position only or orientation only (in addition to full poses)
- PolygonTool can enter a set of polygons

- DefinitionsView and LibrariesView hide the framework selection box when it has only 1 entry
- DefinitionsView can export variable/alias lists to xml
- fixed segfault in TransformTreeView
- AuthorityView configuration export enforces .xml extension
- made Configuration Editor more flexible: it can be used to create+load any (valid)
  configuration, to local or connected remote frameworks

- Plot visualizations can consist of multiple plot items
- Enabling/disabling a plot visualization replots for immediate effect
- Added PlotMarker (work around QwtPlotMarker bugs)
- Added Events visualization (vertical line marker for each channel update)
- Added Threshold visualizations (horizontal line marker from channel data or manual input)

- CollisionTest::decayShape has new parameter invertShape to decay everything
  that is NOT covered by the shape (default=false)

- added RPC methods setInitPosition/setInitOrientation
- LocalizeTool input region now interpreted as 2*sigma for desired distribution
  (before: sigma^2)
- added LocalizePositionTool and LocalizeOrientationTool


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