Release Notes 2023-12-15:

  • The MIRA environment enables C++17 standard for compilation, compilers not supporting C++17 are not supported anymore.
  • Added a serialization adapter for std::variant.
  • Added RigidTransform::isWellDefined() to check against NaN elements and invalid covariance matrices.
  • The variadic function implementation for the RPC framework has been reworked, resulting in unlimited number of parameters for RPC functions, and better compile time error diagnostics.
  • Authority has a new startWithParent() method, to control whether child authorities are started when their parent authority starts (required for dynamical switching of submodule activity when the parent authority can be stopped and restarted within an application).
  • A ServiceCall class was added, which acts as a proxy for RPC service methods, with the possibility to check the existence of the service and method (name + signature) at initialization.
  • miracenter AthorityView: the autority status that is displayed is queried by Authority::isStarted() (not Authority::isRunning()), giving more granular status for child authorities

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