Release Notes 2023-03-17:

  • During build, when there is a discrepancy between a class' abstractness declaration from MIRA_[ABSTRACT_]OBJECT and its actual abstractness, the manifest generator will not just output an error message, but make the build fail by returning an exit code.

  • Serialization: added support for boost::variant.

  • The type name string created by typeName() includes the type's const/volatile qualifiers by default (can be disabled by an optional parameter).

  • Toolbox CameraParameters: added DepthCameraIntrinsic, depth camera visualization.

  • Toolbox RigidModel (Markers): added a new MeshMarker class, allowing to dynamically create objects of arbitrary shape, based on a mesh file (which can be created with 3D editing software like Blender).

  • Toolbox RobotDataTypes: added wrench transformation operators and 3D visualization.

  • miracenter: fullscreen view is restored correctly when loading a respective workspace.

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