- miragit.sh:
  - fixed 'commit - m "..."', fixed '--auth', fixed output filtering for non-english default language
  - shows an error message if any package reported an error
- added install requirements for CentOS-8
- added dependency procps-dev

- added static sGetf() methods to 'stateless' Colormaps GrayScale, HSV, Jet, RedBlue
- removed unused directory base/etc
- Process can shutdown recursively (shutdown all descendant processes of the spawned process)

- TapeRecorder optionally waits for channel data before determining the tape start time with next channel update
- made Framework::load(XMLDoc&) safe for concurrent calls, added test case
- added Framework option '--show-variables' to output variables and values on startup
- XML config <process> tag: added attribute 'shutdownRecursively'
- ConfigurationLoader plugins use object meta data to specify supported tags, avoids unnecessary instantiation
- bugfix ProcessLoader: resets process list on document start, processes from different config files are independent
- fixed possible deadlock in AuthorityManager::removeAuthority()

- AuthorityView: disable Start/Stop buttons when a subitem of an authority is selected
- AuthorityView sets TreeViewFilter to always active
  (keeping its behaviour unchanged from GUIWidgets 1.3.0 + MIRACenter 1.3.0)
- (Initial)WorkspaceLoader adapted to MIRAFramework 1.6.0

- fix sometimes putting inner double slashes in repository URLs
- fixed use of deprecated functions with libsvn >=1.10

- inverted mouse wheel zoom in/out in plot views, to match e.g. 3D view

- fixed a random abort (failed OGRE assertion) in TaskVisualization

- fixed BoxMarker rotation
- fixed PointedArrowMarker arrow head length

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