- Added Markdown-files (*.md) to file pattern searched by Doxygen. Markdown support was
  introduced in Doxygen 1.18.0. See https://www.doxygen.nl/manual/markdown.html
  for specifics and extensions of Doxygen's Markdown.
  - automatically add library constructors registering at LibraryRegistry
  - provide package version to manifest generator
- used Qt version is stored in a cache variable, output only on new assignment (reduce output spam)
- Fixed executable file mode bit for all scripts in MIRA_ROOT/scripts in binary packages.
- Added revision to generated documentation

- added test for Img::convertFrom()
- added generic serialization for cv::Mat (JSON, XML, PropertySerializer, ...)
- added test for using HumanReadableEnum with ENUM_TO_FLAGS
- added variant of print() with compact output option and float precision control
- fixed json::cast for uint32
- improved BinaryDeserializer error reporting for imcompatible versions
- XMLDomPreprocessor:
  - fixed redundantly repeating preprocessing for included files
  - added tag <defer_resolve>: defer preprocessing child nodes
- added LibraryRegistry: register all manifests and all loaded libraries, verify versions
- reduced overhead in RPC backend
- ScopedAccess can optionally use a separate mutex instead of expecting the protectee to be lockable itself
- PropertyNode supports dynamic properties
  (added RootPropertyNode, PropertyNodeListener, synchronisation, locking, REFLECT_CTRLFLAG_VOLATILE)
- Serialization of collections (container types) is marked as volatile
- fixed memory leak caused by DistanceLUT::CellDistArrayPtr for boost version >= 1.53
- RectBase / Rect<T,D> default constructors create an invalid (not uninitialized/undefined) Rect
- made MIRA_DEFINE_SERIALIZABLE_EXCEPTION usable in arbitrary namespace
- json::read(const std::string&, Value&) includes the string in error messages
- SerialPort: Only use TIOCSSERIAL if really necessary

- slightly improved remote framework time synch interpolation
- added Authority::getSubscribedChannelStatus() for querying channel status (ok, no publisher, no data, ...)
- ChannelManager: added methods to query min/max slots and storage duration for a channel
- ChannelBuffer:
  - getters and setters for size, min/max slots and storage duration lock against methods manipulating slots
  - setMaxSlots() frees slots to reduce size if max slot count already exceeded
- added type (MOVING/FIXED/UNSPECIFIED) to FrameworkTransformer nodes, setting channel's max slots to 1 for fixed frames
- name changes in XML config (for consistency, old versions still accepted for compatibility):
  - tag <initial-workspace> -> <initial_workspace>
  - <process> tag's attribute 'is_mira' -> 'isMira'
- <parameter> tag: fixed parse error when using special chars ('/', '.', ']', ''') in collection indexes
- added RPCs 'getLibraries' and 'getLoadedLibraries' to Framework (defined interface ILibraryRegistry)
- added RemoteModule::getConnections (using ScopedAccess for concurrent access protection)
- FrameworkGraph includes info on parent framework address for each authority
- fixed a random crash on closing a connection to a remote framework
- Framework implements getProperties(), providing a property node
- Framework shows connections to other frameworks as (read-only) properties

- no changes in GUIFramework

- Ogre initialization loads additional mesh files from resources/meshs-downloaded
- fixed QByteArray reflection
- PropertyEditor implements PropertyNodeListener to follow updates on the property nodes
- added static method SplashScreen::closeSplashScreen()
- TreeViewFilter:
  - added setShowChildren() to separate control of visibility and expansion (child nodes of search matches)
  - continuously filters its view instead of just once
    (i.e. also processes content added after filter text edit)

- Workbench::getEditors() returns editors in z order (draw order) back to front

- unified DefaultTextVisualization and VisualizationTextJSONBase
- basic support of roll in CameraOrbitTool
- added PropertyViewPage destructor ensuring correct destruction order of PropertyEditor and managed PropertyNodes
- Views/Widgets close SplashScreen (if exists) before opening modal dialogs

- unified DefaultTextVisualization and VisualizationTextJSONBase, added optional unformatted printing
- PolygonTool:
  - fixed silently catching away all exceptions thrown in onNewPolygon()
  - transform Polygon into site's FixedFrame before calling onNewPolygon() (consistent with PoseTool)
- fixed use of mRect before complete initialization in RectTool

- fix block in DefinitionsListView when RPC never returns (e.g. disconnected remote framework)
- AuthorityView:
  - query status for subscribed channels from authorities (-> show correct status for remote authorities)
  - added option to show internal channel names as used by the authority when publishing/subscribing
  - expands child elements of filter search results instead of hiding them
  - fixed Unit documentation generator
- TransformTreeView has new column showing transformation frame's type (MOVING/FIXED)
- DefinitionsListView ensures to show local framework until another one is selected by user
- renamed XML tag <initial-workspace> to <initial_workspace> (for consistency,
  old version still accepted for compatibility)
- Added LibrariesListView: show all libraries (from manifests) and load status
- FrameworkGraphView can show parent framework address with each authority
- improved Aliases view (part of Definitions view) searchability

- added note on proper 'encoding' in the shell

- Updated to libgit2 v1.1.0
- Fixed GitLab support for other repositories
- Added new hidden option "--dependenttree"
- Hidden option "--dependencygraph" now takes multiple arguments
- Fixed potential bug in GitlabAPI.C 383
- Fixed project discovery in large groups and for projects not in a subgroup
- Fixed getting mountdir.xml/*.package from a project with more than usual files
- Fixed segmentation fault when remote "origin" was empty in a local git repository
- Password dialog is shown repeatedly when thorough reindex is requested

- fixed some inline documentation errors
- documentation: added CriticalDistance parameter to KeepDistanceTask

- setting frame type MOVING/FIXED for published links (as defined by Joint type)
- IRigidModelProvider: added additional interface IResourceFileProvider, method getResourceFile
- RigidModelVisualization tries getting missing mesh files from RigidModelProvider
- removed defective but unused methods Polygon::getMin/MaxRadius()

- FramePublisher: added selector for time advance (or to use real time) for publishing

- added optional k3..k6 parameters to PinholeCameraIntrinsic[Normalized) constructors

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