- miragit: added --auth option to set username/email for commit

- made examples compile with boost 1.70
- fixed inline method documentation for Process
- added a json::reverse_cast() template method to customize conversion from json::Value to arbitrary types
(counterpart to json::cast, default definition = static_cast<T>)
- JSONDeserializer uses json::reverse_cast instead of direct C-style cast for conversion from json::Value
- added support for json::cast/reverse_cast for UUID
- made rasterTriangle work with rvalue visitor parameter

- added Channel::post(U&&, ...), Channel::post(Stamped<T>&&), supporting move semantics
- remote framework time synchronisation: offset compensation is stretched over some period, to avoid moving a
timestamp to before a previous channel update (when estimated offset decreases by more than channel update interval)

- Trace View AutoScroll scrolls to bottom after inserting bottom line (not just making bottom item partly visible)
- changing CameraFrame property in 3DView does not change the camera view
(camera parameters are adapted to the new frame)

- fixed 3d View camera motion discontinuities
- fixed ChannelProperty not calling callback for changing channel (since 1.1.0)

- more expressive output when waiting for service or calling RPC times out

- Fixed error handling and typos in GitLab support
- Added sort option to dependency dialog
- Added new hidden options "--dependencytree", "--dependencygraph" and "--dependents"

- removed old unused source files

- fixed IRigidModel::getRigidModel() being registered as RPC method twice
- 'outdated config' warning shows file + line being read

- added basic display/edit for UUID properties
- added diagnostics message label to FramePublisher


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