- prepared includepath to qt libraries to work with qt5 and qt4
- updated documentation on Linux requirements for CentOS 7

- Added documentation for split reflect
- Bugfix in Profiler: Don't sleep one second during loading of libMIRABase.so, even when the Profiler is not used.
- transform_cast is now able to cast transforms with different numerical types
- Fixed bug in ImgIterator when either rows or cols are zero
- Fixed bug in Process that made redirecting cerr impossible.
- Also showing read-only sub-properties when converting a property to string

- subscribe methods of filter now return Channel object
- added support for RigidTransform<double>
- added read accessor for previously set interval of a ChannelInterval object.
- fixed bug when subscribing to an channel interval and playing back a tape with original timestamp
- ProcessLoader: fixed environment vars when they are passed to ssh, no semicolon is allowed as separator
- TapeRecorder now exposes its recording state via isRecording().

- Context menu have been added to TextTraceView
- Fixed bug in 2D visualization of point vectors.
- Added tool for defining a polygon in the 2D view.
- Extended MeasureTool to measure multi-segment paths
- Fixed MultiLineInput dialog so that resizing causes the text editors to expand rather than the empty space.

- Added base class for path follow tasks
- Added waypoint task for path following along waypoints with velocity constraint

- added bar chart visualization

- added button to grab the keyboard in DriveView
- calculation if range finder is upside down is no longer limited to lasers mounted parallel to xy plane

- fixed memory leak and segfault in AuthorityView

- added "class list" command

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