- Added option to use the faster and more memory efficient GNU gold linker instead of default ld when available.

- Fixed bug in PathFinder that prevented findPackage() from finding packages in parallel folders when projects grow very large

- fixed potential bug where remote frameworks could subscribe more than once on a channel resulting in
  receiving the same channel data multiple times
- added flag to TapeRecorder to avoid data loss when recording
- fixed bug in subscribeInterval where the channel history was set to a length of now()-unixEpoch() and
  therefore always maxSlots slots were allocated in the channel buffer

- Added checkbox for new flag in TapeRecorder
- Made Visualization2DView apply the orientation property of Visualization2D's camera to the transform.
- PoseTool: Added properties for smallest allowed variance for position and orientation.
- Made 2D visualization item PointVectorObject templated to deal with different point types and added interface for coloured points.
- Added orientation property to 2D camera and made Visualization2DContainer apply the rotation to the transform.
- Adapted 2D CameraOrbitTool to work with the new camera / transforms.
- Added removeVisualization method to Visualization2DContainer.
- CameraOrbitTool3D: Fixed crash caused by NaN values in camera position and orientation
- Fixed missing direct library dependencies in GUIWidgets when not using standard ld.

- Adapted to change in PointVectorObject in GUIVisualization.
- Fixed transformation of PointVectorVisualization when the camera transform yielded a rotation.
- AxesVisualization2D is now drawn at the origin of a reference frame, not the camera frame.

- Adapted to changes PoseTool

- Adapted to changes PoseTool

- fixed glitch in RigidModelVisualization2D when reconnecting to a remote framework and model provider
- RigidModelVisualization2D will only try to calculate its transform if it has a model provider and knows its root link frame.

- preserve meta information when editing tapes

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