- added support for cross compile
- added improved error messages if MIRA_PATH issues have been detected
- fixed dependency bug in build system in MIRA_DIST_FILE_EX
- added libbzip2 to dependencies to compile on Windows
- added download of patch.exe for Windows

- DbgProfiler: now checking if dot tool is available / minor fix in generated dot-code
- Added support for ARM architecture
- DistanceLUT: make sure that the LUT has a sufficient size when accessing its values
- Fixed file permissions of mirafindpkg in binary packages
- Fixed bug in meta serializer that can lead to inconsistencies between MetaSerializer and BinarySerializer
- Changed usage of isTransparentSerializable
- A given default value no longer shadows a missing member error in a nested class

- Added interface to obtain rpc interfaces provided by a certain authority
- fixed backward compatibility for creating units with instance tag
- added parameter to disable PTP clock synchronization explicitly
- errors while processing write channel messages from remote frameworks no longer result in closing the connection
- fixed unsubscribe if authority has been subscribed more than once to a single channel (please note that unsubscribe will remove all callbacks)
- added counter to PerformanceStatistics
- allow TapeRecorder to record data older than now()
- issue an error if the user specified conflicting using directives in the config
- TapeRecorder will stop recording and close the tape when the recorder's instance gets destructed.
- TapePlayer 'stepTo' functionality now ensures that it really steps to the next occurrance of an item in the channel

- Added option to pass the startImmediately parameter to the framework
- Showing number of recorded channel updates in TapeRecorder
- Added button to select and deselect channels for playback
- Fixed missing perspective tabs in gnome3
- Bugfix: Returning from fullscreen resets tab widget state
- When resizing columns in text trace view these settings are now stored persistently. Also resizing a single row affects all rows.
- Visualization2DView now correctly sends MouseMoveEvents to its children.
- Added tool for moving a transform frame around in the xy plane of a 3D view
- Added flags for hiding X and Y axis in axes object
- Fixed transformation of Visualization2DBasic objects to account for the flipped y axis of the Qt Graphics Framework.
- Added PoseTool for 2D view.
- Added Visualization2DContainer to embed a 2D view into a QWidget without RCP.
- Added PointVectorObject for QGraphicsView to visualize std::vector<Point2f> and std::vector<Point3f>.
- Added MeasureTool for 2D view.
- MeshObject: Set material also when current material name is empty. This fixes segfault in ogre > 1.9
- TextObject: Empty strings are now replaced by an invisible space to avoid empty vertex buffers
- added 'Smart Scroll' feature in spinboxes of property editor (mouse wheel effects the digit under the cursor)
- fixed over and underflows in QtUtils::toQImage
- empty images are now correctly handled by QtUtils::toQImage and ImgWidget
- added compact one-line Qt editor widget for Pose2 variables.
- fixed SelectionListDialog::selectedItems() method when rows are hidden

- Disabled y axis for 2d pose visualization by default as it only clutters the 3d view when viewing a path or multiple poses at once
- Added visualization for Pose2 and PoseCov2 in 2D view.
- Added visualization for vectors of Point2f, Point3f, Pose2 and PoseCov2.

- Added LocalizeTool for 2D view.

- fixed missing initialization in TaskVisualization
- Added GoalTool for 2D view.

- showing minutes and seconds in time labels with leading zeros

- RigidModel: fixed getRootLink() for models that contain only a single link and no joints
- More information on exceptions when resolving links in models
- RigidModel: Added visualization for 2D view (footprint and incircle / encircle).
- Catch missing mesh file exceptions in RigidModelVisualization

- added find method to Trajectory
- Added 2D visualization for RangeScan data.
- Fixed missing default value for Highlight property which caused loading existing workspaces to fail.
- moved Trajectory classes from Pilot to toolbox and added RobotModel::generateTrajectory method (renamed Trajectory classes)
- improved Trajectory visualization: select shown interval, visualize velocity, visualize time as height for 2D trajectory

- added command line option to disable cpu and memory usage status bar updates
- show rpc interfaces provided by authorities in the authority view
- added menu option to search for subitems in authority view
- TapePlayerView: made lastSelectedChannels persistent

- Minor fixes

- use latest version of quazip
- fixed issue that caused package update to fail

- made copy options parameter 'recordingtime' optional to allow preserving original recording timestamp

- saving tape to the same file causes exceptions and/or corrupted tapes because it is an in-place operation.
  Added a check for this case and notify user about it.
- fixed bug that compressed flag of a channel was not considered when saving the tape

- Wizard now also creates a default xml within the etc directory for units
- Removed debug output
- Added cross compile support to template files

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