A new MIRA release is available.

Important note

In this release, the creation of cost maps for navigation purposes was removed from the package Pilot and move into a new package named CostMapper. Unfortunately, mirapackage can't handle this kind of dependencies at the moment. Therefore, you must install the new package CostMapper using mirapackage after you updated your installation.


- fixed some compiler warnings
- added format flags to XMLSerializer to disable writing comments and/or using compressed output format
- fixed bug in image iterator for empty images

- ParameterPreparer: added support for searching in collections nested in collections nested in ...
- added more informations to channel and authority exceptions
- fixed connection bug in remote connection on slow systems

- MIRACenter will now dock all undocked EditorParts and unfloat all floating ViewParts when closing, because starting with undocked widgets is buggy (ticket #600).

- Speeded up reindex (progress bar visualization)

Additional information