A new MIRA release is available.

- Updated to Eigen 3.2.1

- miramk does no longer try to build packages without CMakeLists.txt
- find libiberty on platforms where the header is located in the libiberty subdirectory

- ClassFactory: fixed construction of objects with variable argument lists
- bugfix: XMLDom now keeps the source file information if a node is copied or inserted
- XMLDom now supports CDATA content elements via content_begin(), content_cbegin() and add_cdata_content().

- fixed const issue in channel vector synchronizer
- ping timeout is now disabled by default and can be enabled using the
  --enable-pingtimeout program option
- complete rewrite of DispatcherThread. Now it is ensured that all timer and RPC handlers are called
  even if new channel data arrives faster than a callback to that channel can be processed.
- in TapeRecorder drifting is now avoided, if a record interval is specified
- added support for the remove_parameter tag to the parameter preparer plugin to remove parameters or entire units from configs
- added 'executable' attribute to <process> tag allowing to specify the launched executable manually

- TapePlayerWidget now supports speed changes via clicking on the speed slider as well as via arrow keys
- added editable title bar text to visualizations
- Added text trace visualization that allows to visualize all the data of a channel (history) since the time it was added to the visualization
- Added interval changed function to ChannelProperty so that visualizations can subscribe to a channel without data loss
- Added text trace visualization that allows to visualize all the data of a channel (history) since the time it was added to the visualization
- Added properties to adjust the ambient light and default light color
- Added measurement tool as new interaction mode. This allows to measure the distance and orientation between two points in the XY-plane of a 3D view.
- Removed flickering from tooltip for goal and localize tool
- added support for OGRE 1.9
- ImgWidget now keeps the aspect ratio in automatic image scaling mode

- Added visualization for std::vectors of Line2i, Line2f and Line2d in 3D view.
- PoseVisualization now allows to visualize poses that are not part of the transform tree.
- For MeshVectorVisualization a second optional input channel (vector<uint32>)
  can be used to visualize different meshes for each id

- fixed crash in visualization of pure OrientationTask,
  enabling visualization of tasks without known position in general

- fixed support for qwt 6.0.0
- plot visualization does use intervall subscription mode to avoid data loss
- fixed scolling issue
- fixed invisible legend issue
- added option to hide legend

- RigidModel: added support for multiple collision representations per link
- RigidModel: added name parameter for visual and collision representation
- RigidModel: added filter for getting only collision representations, footprints and bounding boxes that match a specific name

- added Trajectory and corresponding visualization
- enable display of one selected measurement of the rangescan as text

- TransformTreeWidget: display error message as tool tip only to save screen space
- Added new mesh files for OGRE 1.9

- Added support for svn 1.8

- added '--channels_not' option for play, copy, writeJSON (select only the channels to be ignored)
- fixed merge command to keep the compression of channels

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