Release Notes 2022-03-25:

  • Framework connections to remote frameworks can be defined as 'monitor-only', then they will not publish local channels, services and authorities to the remote framework. This can help to avoid subtle errors inadvertently influencing a running application's behaviour.
  • Generally replaced QObject::trUtf8() by QObject::tr() for translations, as the former is deprecated in Qt5.15 (released May 2020). When using MIRA with Qt4 (for which developer support ended 2015), this may or may not result in problems with string representations for translations using exotic characters. In other words, support for MIRA with Qt4 is deprecated (but it should still remain usable for most purposes).
  • New command line tool 'miracat' can be used to view contents of a file located in a mira package (similar to miraedit, but only displays the file content in the terminal).
  • miracenter has a new command line option '--ignore-desktop-settings', making the GUI ignore the desktop's display settings for colors, fonts, sizes, effects etc. This can help making better use of screen estate on some systems.

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