- added compiler setting -fsigned-char to enforce treating 'char' as 'signed char' (e.g. on ARM)
- added flag FORCE_USE_SYSTEM_LINKER to GlobalConfig.cmake to suppress GNU gold linker (default: OFF)
- updated documentation for cross compiling (to ARM architecture)
- cleaner output from 'mirasvn up'

- added missing Qt MOC guards to HumanReadableEnum
- added macros MIRA_REFLECT_VERSION/MIRA_REFLECT_REQUIRE_VERSION, wrappers for Reflector.version()/.requireVersion()
- added CallStack::reflect()
- added MIRA_THROW_EXTSTACK to add existing stack trace info to created exception
- RPC framework: callstack from mira::Exception in called function is signalled back and attached to XRPC to caller
- BinaryDeserializer always throws XBadCast when type name check fails for any reason
- made compile on CentOS 6
- PropertyNode: added non-const method to obtain the child nodes

- DiagnosticsModule::warning/error includes category in log output
- Added channel promoters for JSON data types
- ServiceProperty: removed default value for Interface property (--> must be given in deserialization)
- fixed segfault from channel promotion called concurrently (e.g. multiple units publishing to void channels in parallel)
- added ChannelRead::readJSON and ChannelWrite::writeJSON variants with externally provided (de)serializer
- more specific thread names for independent channel subscriber threads
- add <workspace>/<initial-workspace> tags to config file reference documentation
- fixed segfault in PropertyEditor when a remote authority gets disconnected

- fixed "Always on top" action not being visible on all editor windows
- added CovObject::getSingularValues() and setCovariance(singular_values, orientation)
- TextView and TextTraceView visualizations show objects' read-only properties and show data
  of type map<string,T> in "object style" short notation (both can be controlled by visualization properties)
- made compile on CentOS 6 (gcc 4.4)

- plot visualizations include data's read-only properties and (optionally) represent
  type map<string,T> in "object style" short notation when selecting members to plot

RigidModel- 0.21.0:
- added IRigidModelProvider as abstract base class
- added interface IRigidModelConsumer
- CollisionTest copy constructor/operator= clones Img members

- HighlightProperty limits its TextSize property to >=0
- added IRobotModelProvider as abstract base class
- Added support to detect and trigger suspension of the bumper
- DriveView:
 - fixed blocking miracenter frequently if configured service does not exist
 - added button to mute INavigation service(s) (-> minor layout change)
 - added button to suspend bumper (if available)

- Fixed default material entry in Box.mesh
- RPCConsole: added command 'trace' to view stacktrace of last error (exception) in RPC call

- mirapackage is now compiled as a shared library + binary
- fixed auto-detect for repository type

- made compile on CentOS 6 (gcc 4.4)

- look for .package file instead of CMakeLists.txt to find package base directory

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