- Fixed MIRA_OPTIONAL_PACKAGE which incorrectly set PACKAGE_${name}_FOUND
  to FALSE even though the package was present
- fixed cmake integration of modules QtQuickWidgets and QtSql (Qt5)
- fixed PackageInstaller.cmake for cmake 3.x

- added some missing mutex locks when iterating over node list in Transformer's query methods
- adapted to compile with boost 1.68
- fix RasterTriangle missing parts of the covered area in certain degenerate cases
- added support for return by reference functions in rpc interface
- restructured parts of JSONRPCBackend for reusability
- added RPC interface for RPCManager
- fixed color transparency when converting from MIRA color types to cv::Scalar
- fixed for use of QT4 moc
- XMLDomPreprocessor:
    - added '_all' and '_any' variants to <if[_not][_exists]> and <assert[_not][_exists]> tags,
      simple variants can only use one condition now
    - fixed <else> tag being ignored with a comment between <if> and <else>
- Process: fixed cleanup of processes that could not be created (otherwise results in dead <defunct> processes)

- added getDescription function to #builtin rpc interface
- RPC-interfaces of AuthorityManager and RPCManager have been added to the Framework
- invalid ServiceProperty/TransformProperty are shown with red background in PropertyEditor (just like ChannelProperties always were)
- publishTransform sets the parent node id (if exists) as frameID on the pose channel slot (frameID was unused before)
- TapePlayer: fixed a race condition when calling stepTo() immediately after load()
- added ChannelManager::getPublishers/getSubscribers methods

- Fixed output of Ctrl-P of 2D-view
- TextTraceView: when choosing timestamp order, items with same timestamp are shown within one row
- TextObject (3D billboarding text display): fixed display width/alignment for multiline text
- Fixed a memory leak in ImageObject
- bugfix in OgreWidgetEx
- added enableOrbitTool flag in Visualization3DContainer contructor like in Visualization2DContaine

- added property for modifying max depth value of images

- PoseVisualization takes frameID directly from channel slot for transformation tree nodes too

- added timestamp to publishJoint in RigidModelProvider

- added Wrench datatype for describing force and torque in a link

- CaptureView does NOT stop capturing when another editor is activated
- made to compile with Qt 5.13
- ChannelView shows list of publisher/subscriber IDs in tooltip

- made to compile with Qt 5.13

- added warning/error messages on invalid channel selection
- added 'info --json' option

Additional information