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MIRA Documentation for End Users


As an end user you will most likely use and start already configured applications. This page provides examples, hints and links to information how to achieve this.

Applications consist of one or multiple software modules and components. These modules are called Units. These units are combined to form complex applications using configuration files.

For downloading and installing components needed in an application as well as the applications itself you should make use of mirapackage. mirapackage is a package management tool that allows to list, filter, install and uninstall single or multiple components that are organized in packages and automatically handles dependencies of these packages.

There are mainly three tools available that can launch an existing configuration file

  1. mira Launches an application as a console program without any GUI support
  2. miragui Launches an application as console program with GUI support
  3. miracenter Launches a graphical user interface that allows to visualize data, channels and status of the application