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mira is a tool to launch a Framework as a console application by specifying one or multiple configuration files that should be loaded.

If you want to launch Units that need Qt (GUI) support, please use miragui instead.

Running MIRA

If you have the path to the binaries of your MIRA installation included in your PATH environment variable, you can typically use the command:

mira MyConfigFile.xml

to launch a Framework together with 'MyConfigFile.xml'. Otherwise, you have to specify the full path to the mira binary:

/path/to/miraroot/bin/mira MyConfigFile.xml

Thereby the configuration files are used to configure the Framework including the executed units, etc.



mira --help


mira -?

to see a full list of command line parameters and their explanation. All parameters and the features they activate are optional, except where specified. Where it says 'enable', the feature is disabled by default, and vice versa.