- Added configure, build and install steps for Eigen instead of just
  extracting the source archive.
- added git support for releasePackage.sh
- added support for including dot-files into documentation
- added script miragit
- mirasvn silently ignores non-svn directories
- made to compile with gcc 9.x and boost 1.71
- miracd without argument goes to MIRA base location
- added script createSetup.sh
- fixed dependencies for precompiled headers
- fixed precision limit of JSON value serialization
- fixed precision limit of JSON RPC parameters and results
- added Img::assignMask and Img::assignPolygon methods
- fixed compilation error when using property with type string and a setter
- implemented Profiler::getCycleCount for ARM 64-bit
- fixed exchanging remote properties containing '.' in name
- added MetaSerializer::version(int, string), required for types not defined at compile time
- made to compile with OpenCV-4.x
- disabled use of IplImage (can be re-enabled by using -DMIRA_USE_IPL_IMAGE=1, only on OpenCV < 4.x)
- added NoExcept.h, providing MIRA_NOEXCEPT_OR_NOTHROW,
  replaced all occurences of throw() (dynamic no-throw specification) by MIRA_NOEXCEPT_OR_NOTHROW
- added SerializableException, made common mira exceptions derived from that instead of Exception
- XRPC holds the original exception from the called function, which can be raised (see RPCFuture::get())
- moved XMemberNotFound[_NoDefault] exception classes from mira::<Serializer>:: to mira::
- changed documentatation of behaviour and test for MIRA_FILE_LINE_IDENTIFIER
- made to compile with gcc 9.x and boost 1.71
- added preprocessor defines MIRA_BIG_ENDIAN and MIRA_LITTLE_ENDIAN
- XML configs tags <if_exists_any>/<if_exists_all> allow multiple conditions of same category like e.g.
  <if_exists_all var1="V1" var2="X"> (only leftmost part of attribute name is checked against 'var'/'file'/...)
- added 'save' parameter to PropertyHints::file(): select an existing file to open or a file to be created?
- moved miraauth tool (considered part of MIRABase package) to base folder
- extended parameter documentation for framework option 'known-fw'
- show warning when ProcessSpawnManager's cleanup command fails
- fixed segfault in TapeRecorder when recording type without type meta information
- exception on promoting channel shows channel name
- <process>-tag: Added 'is_mira' attribute to accommodate non-mira processes
- fixed segfault when a RemoteIncomingConnection gets destroyed after a network timeout
- fixed property name 'CycleTime' in RemoteModule
- fixed block in RemoteModule that prevents accepting new incoming connections when an
  existing connection is stalling
- made to compile with gcc 9.x and boost 1.71
- RemoteConnection can read and transmit serialized data of older format version from untyped channel
  (e.g. created by tape playback of old format tape file)
- views/editors that cannot be restored are ignored instead of failing to load workspace
  or terminating while restoring view
- fixed image export size in 2D + 3D View
- fixed possible crash when a visualization in 3D View uses no node
- 3D TextObject: HorizontalAlignment::H_CENTER will center each single line, added option H_RIGHT
- fixed PolygonTool continuing previous polygon if onNewPolygon() threw an exception
- moved PoseTool::updateToolTip to generic base class VisualizationTool
- PolygonTool interaction changed: right-click resets, left-click on first point finishes
- Fixed ChannelProperty sometimes not triggering callback for newest data at high channel update rate
- PropertyEditor supports property hint attribute "save" for "file" (to select between FileOpen or FileSave dialog)
- made to compile with OpenCV-4.x
- minor style/performance improvements
- added missing initialization for MeshVisualization
- added missing #include
- Added visualization for VelocityWaypointTask
- fixed image export size in Plot View
- added optional timestamp parameter for publishing transformation frames from robot model
- made to compile with OpenCV-4.x
- made DifferentialProbabilisticMotionModelTest to compile with boost 1.71
- views/editors that cannot be restored are ignored instead of failing to load workspace
- Added gitlib support
- Always show ERROR's and WARNING's (even when started without debug option).
- fixed segfault when using --addversion with a tape containing channels that have no type meta
- added option --namespace_prefix for play command

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