A new MIRA release is available.


- added miraedit: a tool for editing a file within a package using a text editor
- added package GraphVisualization to install scripts

- added StripedStorage::getFiles() to return a list of all files used for
  persistent storage
- added reflect for std::bitset<N>
- added FromOct<T>, ToHex<T> and ToOct<T> functions for use with toString and fromString
- extractPaths() creates a vector of unique path entries
- fixed segfault in XMLDom when copying nodes without associated uri
- XMLDom: added support to retrieve prefix and href of namespace from nodes and attributes
- added Process::interruptChildOnParentDeath flag to terminate a child process if parent dies
- XMLDom: added methods to add, insert comments and content before and after a node and replace nodes by comment or content nodes
- added XMLDomPreprocessor class that allows to add user defined callbacks for special xml variable patterns
- added support for including text files as content in xml documents
- handle error case when deserializing binary data of a newer version of a type into an older version
- Process::createProcess() now allows to specify the environment of the new process

- <parameter> tag now also works with pyunits
- fixed <process> tag which did not work properly in version 0.26.0
- <process> tag now supports authentication using sshpass
- <process> tag allows to set environment variables using the 'env' attribute
- multiple <process> tags with the same name are now merged to create a single process
- ConfigurationLoader now allows multiple plugins to support the same tag
- now using XMLDomPreprocessor class for preprocessing xml documents
- made command line option variables deprecated. It was replace by the much shorter var or v option
- allow multiple occurrences of the command line options 'var' and 'known-fw'
- try to get meta information from meta database when publishing channels untyped

- added (de)serialization of tools to visualization views

- added VectorVisualization for Eigen::Vector2, Eigen::Vector3, Eigen::VectorX

- initial version

- added property for base task to GoalTool

- Extended documentation on command line parameters

- minor improvements in FrameworkGraphView
- moved FrameworkGraphView components to toolbox GraphVisualization

- Fixed duplicated log files entries

- Renamed deprecated binary to _mirasvn. There is a new bash script available.

- added reading and writing support for 64 bit data types
- added CANEmergencyMessage class

- added support for multiple maps in a single MCF file

- added OccupancyGridFileInfoWithFrame and OccupancyGridFileInfoWithFrameAndChannelName

- Added property to specifiy files, which should be hidden
- Added include files to release build

- Better error handling for invalid member accesses.
- Mutex protection for concurrent access of the authority objects.

- now waiting for necessary transformations during bootup
- Fixed incorrectly named parameter 'UpdateInteval' which should be 'UpdateInterval'.

- added support for multiple maps

- moved OccupancyGridFileInfoWithFrame and OccupancyGridFileInfoWithFrameAndChannelName to mapping toolbox

- now waiting for sensor channels and transform during bootup to allow error detection

- Creating maps from detections is now a separate plugin and can therefore be exchanged for other algorithms.
- Moved as much functionality to the plugins as possible so that the RhodosCore is only reponsible for getting the sensor data and managing the plugins.
- Moved Rhodos and its plugins from 'navigation' to the correct namespace 'mapping'.
- RhodosPilotExtension will now also work if the ObstacleMap and HoleMap aren't published anymore (e.g. Rhodos is paused).
- Fixed bug with inplausibly big or small min/max depth values.
- Exceptions in onDepthImage or in the plugin's process() methods will no longer cause Rhodos to stall.

- Made path planner exchangeable via config file
- Path objective may now be dissatisfied with oscillating behavior (no considerable translational progress for some time).

- updated config file

- Added simple command line tool for reading and writing SDOs
- Updated doc on head for G5
- Added robot type 'SCITOS-2013'

- moved some parts of the configuration from localization to SCITOS-Pilot config
- added support for user defined map configurations
- added support for topo map planner

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