MIRA Reference Documentation

What is MIRA?

MIRA is a cross-platform framework written in C++ that provides a middleware, several base functionalities and numerous tools for developing and testing distributed software modules. It also focuses on easy creation of complex, dynamic applications, while reusing these modules as plugins. The main purpose of MIRA is the development of robotic applications, but as its base and the framework are designed to allow type safe data exchange between software modules (intra- and interprocess) it is not limited to these kinds of applications. MIRA is developed in a cooperation of the Ilmenau University of Technology and the MetraLabs GmbH that produces mobile robot platforms and complete service robot applications for a day-to-day usage. Therefore, it was designed to fulfill the requirements of both commercial and educational purposes.

See Introduction and Features for a detailed description of what MIRA is and why you should use it.

About MIRA

Before you begin to use MIRA, please make yourself familiar with:

Getting MIRA

Using MIRA

On the following pages you can find further information and tutorials by selecting your user level:

End Users

work with already configured applications

Application Designers

combine existing software modules into larger applications


develop new software modules and plugins