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VisualizationView editors

VisualizationViews are editor parts that can render the content of channels.

The user can create multiple visualization editors at once that display different channel data or just render the data from another perspective or in another dimension (e.g. 3D) There are currently three types of visualizations for channel data available. Channels can be visualized in a 2D editor view, in a 3D editor view and in a text view.

Each visualization view can contain multiple visualization plugins that show the actual content of the channels. These plugins can be added, removed and manipulated by a VisualizationControl that is implemented as a view part. It will always show the status and properties of all visualization plugins within the active/selected VisualizationView editor.

Visualization plugins are mostly compiled into separate dynamic libraries that are loaded lazy whenever the user first uses the plugin in miracenter. For creating your own visualization plugin for rendering channel data please see VisualizationHowToPage.