A new MIRA release is available.

  • make: Fixed CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES in Prerequisites.cmake: Now shared libraries are preferred by default.
  • base: BinaryDeserializer: Added setter and getter for internal map for codecs.
  • base: Profiler: fixed segfault at program termination
  • base: added functions for computing powers with constant integral exponent or constant integral exponent and base
  • base: made square() deprecated
  • base: removed math/MetaPrograms.h whose content is now in math/Power.h
  • framework: repairing a tape now preserves type information in channels
  • framework: ChannelBuffer: now codecs for decoding are reused (this is necessary for video stream codecs)
  • mira/miragui: writing profiler results after the framework has stopped
  • miratape: "compress option" can now be used without specifying channels to compress all
  • TapeEditor: reduced memory consumption when saving a tape

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