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Applications are bundles of certain mira toolboxes and domains in a specific version. Since various application installed in parallel may depend on different versions of individual packages, the application needs to run in an own environment with own MIRA_PATH. This is handled by an install.sh script and a runApplication.sh.

The application will be installed as an individual external project containing all required packages, which is done by the install.sh. The checkout is done using a packagelist export from mirapackage, which comes with the application.

after installation the external project is build and after that, the application should provide a runApplication.sh in order to set the environment variables correctly and start the respective application with all necessary configs.


The application depends on a propper installation of the MiraBase and MiraFramework software in a path given in the MIRA_PATH environment variable.

Typically the user needs to checkout the respective MIRA-pkg/applications/foo folder in a local working copy.

mkdir myFooFolder
cd myFooFolder
svn co https://www.mira-project.org/svn/MIRA-pkg/applications/foo .

This folder is going to become the external mira project then. start the install process:

sh install.sh

This script is asking for svn logins needed for checkout of the required packages and then asks for the nuber of buildjobs for make. In case of success the external project get complied completely and the application can be started by the runApplication.sh

of new applications

The developer needs to ensure that all dependencies of the application are correctly installed in a separate external project. Also the MIRA_PATH only should contain this folder and the path to the MiraBase installation. By starting mirapackage and exporting the package list, an .mpe file will be created, which then can be checked in as a new application together with the install.sh. The install.sh is generic since it installs all .mpe in the current folder. You therefore can reuse it from another application.