- bash tools: added an explicit 'miraindex' command to facilitate reindexing of installed mira packages.
- added new package CameraParameters to install script
- fixed minimum cmake version requirements for some policies

- fixed covariance propagation for 3D RigidTransform composition and 2D/3D RigidTransform inversion
- added HumanReadableEnum macros for generating enums that can be translated to string values and vice versa
- slightly improved syntax check/error message for JSON multidim array element access

- <process>-tag: fix bug preventing the creation of new processed when the config string exceeds the maximum argument list size of the OS
- <process>-tag: usings defined in the scope of a <process>-tag are now visible to the parent and sibling processes
- <process>-tag: added sshport - attribute
- TapePlayer: fix potential delay of isPlaying() state after starting playback

- PolygonObject can draw filled polygon
- DynamicRenderable can update (reduce) the actual vertex count
- fix potential div by 0 in toQImage(const Img&, ...)
- PropertyEditor 'Open' dialog for file properties will start at the path of the current
property value, if non-empty (otherwise, working directory as before)
- added wrapper method to force usage of non-native file dialog static methods for load and save filename getters

- initial version: separated pure camera description parameters from CameraGeometry toolbox

- Ensure min/max parameter in ImgVisualization are not equal
- Polygon(Vector)Visualization supports drawing of filled polygons

- fixed tolerance display radius for Position-/DockingTask

- fixed template of CMakeLists.txt to not include the directories toolboxes and domains for MIRA_GEN_MANIFESTS_ONLY build

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