- Defining MIRA_SEVERITY_MAX_LEVEL via the build system, allowing us to differentiate between release and relwithdebinfo
when deciding which maximum severity level to allow for logging. Relwithdebinfo now also allows DEBUG and TRACE logging.
- Fixed install target for installing subtargets
- Updated SVN repository path for boost::geometry

- RigidTransform(Cov) stream output now handles const& and rvalues
- Added optional image format tag which is passed to the dot command while generating profiler reports
- enabled reflection of STL collections with non-copyable value types

- Fixed a bug inadvertently altering tape message frameIDs
- Changed channel slot reuse behaviour: now it always keeps at least one slot older than the
configured storage duration (ensure storage duration coverage, rather too much than too little)
- Added missing getters to ChannelBuffer and augmented Channel to also offer these getters as a convenience to the user.
- Fixed missing copy of minSlot parameter in ChannelBuffer::cloneParameters.
- Added 'getUptime' RPC to the Framework

- Forcing Qt-Layout in TapeFileDialog. Otherwise the layout of the file dialog
might be unpredictable and the preview widget is not working.
- Text Trace View: user can control whether changing one row's height affects other rows
- Text Trace View: added options to maintain a max history duration and to freeze (stop updating)
- QConsole now supports reverse lookup via CTRL+R (emulating bash functionality).

- made to compile with Qt5

- Clearing plot no longer makes "l"/"r" markers in legend disappear
- Added a "Freeze" option to stop updating (via context menu)

- TransformTreeView shows absolute distance between frames in tooltip

- made to compile with Qt5

- QuaZip: Replaced UPDATE_COMMAND with PATCH_COMMAND, avoiding failed patches every time MIRAPackage is rebuilt.

- added missing 'copy --drop_same_timestamp' option to usage message


- Forcing Qt-Layout in MCFDialog. Otherwise the layout of the file dialog
might be unpredictable and the preview widget is not working.

- Added 3D visualizations for predefined point cloud types PointCloud2 and PointCloud3.
- PointCloudVisualization (3D): allow changing the (pixel) point size in 'Points' drawstyle

- made CANToolsView an EditorPart in miracenter, i.e. it can be detached and maximized properly

- Modernized Curve API and implementation.

- Made MiraPy's XMLVariablesMap work with the recent changes to this data type in MIRA.
- Added wrappers for some more Pilot tasks
- Python Editor View is an Editor View now (can be properly detached + maximized),
and allows more user layout control through splitter

- Added unique IDs for all plugins, which can be specified in the configuration file.
If now ID is given, the class identifier is used.
- Added new member EnableOnStart to sensor plugin, to enable/disable the
plugins on start. If no sensor module is enabled, the first sensor will be
enabled to preserve the current behaviour.

- Made sensor plugin more robust and more modern.
- Sensor plugins wait for subscribed laser channels at bootup

- Added (missing) resolvePath to be able to use the syntax 'PackageName:path/to/map.mcf' in member MCF

- if merger has only one input, it will just alias it to 'MergedMap' instead of copying (unless 'MergedMap' already exists)

- publishing the docking target as TargetFrame
- base point now used as loaded from xml, not recalculated from docking distance

- Added support for MotorControllerHG4 firmware > 1.4.0
- Added support for EBC HG3

- Head movement is now really simulated
- added support for ACSIdentifier in charger
- added example map
- added very rudimentary support for simulating a charging station (at this point just
a certain pose+tolerance in the environment that sets the charging flag to 'true').

- SickTiM55x: Fixed crash while reading data, if the data package was not fully received

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