PACKAGE_VERSION in library and binary targets
- Qt5 will now also include private headers by default.

- Fixed source location (uri) tracking in XMLDom
- Added annotation field to the framework variables list (for tracking the variable's source),
  which is filled in by XMLDOMPreprocessor

- ChannelLoader: fix <channel> tag having no effect without any of the optional attributes
- Name registry: added annotation field (for tracking the source of aliases),
  which is filled in by Framework::initialize (CLI params) and UsingLoader

- TapePlayerWidget will now indicate which file is opened.
- added EditorPartArea::scrollToSubWindow(), made some Workbench
  methods/slots protected instead of private (allow use in subclasses)
- fixed a crash in ChannelProperty::update (occuring very rarely, for interval subscribers only)
- Mitigated mouse scroll and camera pose discontinuities in CameraOrbitTool for the 3D view, leading to less singularities in the camera representation.
- added missing members initialization for SceneQueryTool
- fixed ogre assertion caused by textObject with empty string
- fixed missing initialization of camera orientation in Visualization2D
- CameraOrbitTool(2D): added camera rotation (hold right mouse button + move), fixed panning a rotated camera
- fixed killing an invalid Qt timer (console error message) on tree view filter change
- Added double specializations for toOgreVector.

- Added 3D visualization for vectors of polygons (Polygon2f, Polygon2d, Polygon3f, Polygon3d).
- Added PoseVector specialization for double RigidTransform types.
- Fixed AxesVisualization2D width when using Qt5.

- bugfix GoalTool: task is now actually sent to selected service
- TaskVisualization: added property 'Show Orientation Tolerance'

- Fixed killing non-existant QTimer which resulted in console output from Qt.
- Added 'DefinitionsListView' which lists all the variables and aliases known
  to the framework and their source (config file/cli/...).
- Added 'initial-workspace' option to MIRACenter, which loads a workspace file but will not
  overwrite it with any changes (changes are written to the configured or default workspace config file).
- Improved editor window management.

- Command line tool now outputs local install directory for packages when called with 'details'.

- added 'copy --drop_same_timestamp' option: do not copy messages causing
  'Dropping data ... since slot with same timestamp already exists' during playback

- tool no longer requires X-Server if command line options are executed

- bugfix PinholeCameraModel::backprojectPixel(): y coord of the ray was never calculated

- handle symlinks when comparing device names

- added functions to read from channel at specified timestamp
- added optional comment to RPC method declaration
- FrameWorkWrapper: added several functions to list/get info on channels/services
- fixed FrameworkWrapper::queryServicesForInterface return type
- added PyUnit::isSubscribedOn

- minor improvement in documentation

- Allow multiple active sensors plugins.
- Revised interface for enabling/disabling sensor plugins.

- Adapted to changes in Poseidon

- Added support for robots which using velocity components in y direction

- Adapted to changes in Poseidon

- compare map region and cellsize instead of just size() when
  checking for (static) map changes requiring reinitialization
- DynamicRiskMapper: now assigning different costs around obstacles for the DilateRadius region
  (existing 'RiskForDilated', default 1.0) and the MinObstacleDistance region (new 'RiskBelowMinDist', default 0.9)
- StaticRiskMapper: ensured consistency with DynamicRiskMapper (properties, cost calculation)

- EstarPlanner: compare map region and cellsize instead of just size() when
  checking for costmap changes requiring reinitialization
- DirectionObjective bugfix: strictly forbidden (by task) backward motion is observed
  when 'AvoidTurnNearGoal' = true, affects whether to turn front or back towards goal
- DirectionObjective: made path direction estimate more robust by using a longer segment
- DistanceObjective: new property 'RotationIgnoresCollision' allows rotation even if the map contains
  obstacles within the footprint
- DynamicWindowVisualization now can display detailed cost info for each cell

- fixed path simulation (only used for visualization)

- Support for new firmware versions of HG4
- Added configuration files for SCITOS-X3-2017 (new version with HG4)

- Allow completely omitting localization (by setting localization='none')
- Fixed setting Poseidon parameters when not using Poseidon

- Added read-only properties for serial number and firmware version
- Fixed crash in USB event handler when using more than one PrimeSense device

- TiM55x: increased valid readings' upper reflectance limit for

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