- Added FORCE_USE_QT4 flag in make/GlobalConfig.cmake to force use Qt4 even if
  Qt5 and Qt4 are installed in parallel. Default is OFF.
- Disable CMake warnings for CMake >= 3.0 by emulating CMake 2.8 behaviour,
  setting policies CMP0026, CMP0046, CMP0048, CMP0054 and CMP0059 to OLD.
- Added mirapatch: wrap patch command, ensure non-interactive execution and provide helpful error messages.

- mirapatch can relay arbitrary arguments to patch command
- Moved cmake policies settings from CMakeLists.txt to make/Prerequisites.cmake
  to use these settings also in (older) external projects (does not work for CMP0048 -> removed)
- cmake also outputs 'Using Qt4' if FORCE_USE_QT4 = ON

- Improved performance of Angle constructor if given angle is out of range
- Added accessors to memory usage of PoolAllocator.
- Fixed demangling of typenames with new cxx11 abi
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- Suppress massive Eigen compile time warnings 'deprecated declaration'

- Fixed return type of TransformerNode::GetTime::operator(). It was defined as
  an uint64, which e.g. caused errors in the LinearInterpolator in probably a
  lot of cases.

- Added command line option 'disable-stdlog' to disable the default cout log output.
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56

- Fixed remote connection test case RemoteTest2.xml

- adapted Qt include path for future Qt5 support
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- added 'Auto Scroll' property to TextTraceView
- Added compatibility for different numeric types in polygon visualization
- Axes visualization object's color can now be set externally
- Fixed 3D CovObject crashing when setting zero 2x2 covariance
- Added IndexSelectorProperty: select element by index
- FrameMoveTool's 'Frame' property changed to ChannelProperty<Pose2> (supports selection of transform channel from list),
  moved frame pose is stored and restored with the workspace

- fix Qt4 compile errors for test cases

- Added visualization instantiation for vectors of RigidTransform2d and RigidTransformCov2d.
- Adapted to change in GUIVisualization.
- Added property to set the color of a pose vector visualization.

- fixed Task reached check in OrientationTask

- CSV export now uses unix timestamp instead of human readable format
- CSV export now generates multiple files - one for each channel
- added support for plotting boolean values (as 0.0, 1.0)
- added property for max plot history
- significant performance improvement for curve plots (only for qwt >= 6.0)
- curve can be attached to the left or right axis
  (useful for curves with vastly differing scale)

- Adapted to changes in GUIVisualization.
- CollisionTest can determine the position of the closest obstacle (not just its distance). Requires OpenCV >= 2.4.

- Fixed bug in RangeScanVisualization in rendering cones with aperture
- Added separate color for InvalidUser flag, defaults to red as these are manually invalidated scans
- Default colouring mode for range scan visualizations is now 'Valid' as this is the most useful mode in most cases
- Added HighlightProperty (formerly part of RangeScanVisualization, separated to be available for other visualizations)
- Added alpha / opacity property for RangeScanVisualization.

- deviation tolerance in DifferentialProbabilisticMotionModelTest increased (10% -> 15%)

- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- improved the resize mode of columns in the header of ChannelView even more

- Adapted to changes in MIRAenvironment: handling of new macro FORCE_USE_QT4
- fixed utf8 codec issues while reading package list and during repository reindexing
- made to compile on Qt5

- Fixed bug, which occured with Qt5 when installing binary packages

- fix quazip patches (line ending issues) by using --binary again (through updated mirapatch.sh)

- added 'copy --first_and_rectime' option: also set recording timestamp to selected start time

- Disable CMake warnings for CMake >= 3.0 by emulating CMake 2.8 behaviour, setting policies CMP0026, CMP0046, CMP0048, CMP0054 and CMP0059 to OLD.

- Reverted changes from version 0.9.10. The policies are now globally defined in

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