- Added FORCE_USE_QT4 flag in make/GlobalConfig.cmake to force use Qt4 even if
  Qt5 and Qt4 are installed in parallel. Default is OFF.
- Disable CMake warnings for CMake >= 3.0 by emulating CMake 2.8 behaviour,
  setting policies CMP0026, CMP0046, CMP0048, CMP0054 and CMP0059 to OLD.
- Added mirapatch: wrap patch command, ensure non-interactive execution and provide helpful error messages.

- mirapatch can relay arbitrary arguments to patch command
- Moved cmake policies settings from CMakeLists.txt to make/Prerequisites.cmake
  to use these settings also in (older) external projects (does not work for CMP0048 -> removed)
- cmake also outputs 'Using Qt4' if FORCE_USE_QT4 = ON

- Improved performance of Angle constructor if given angle is out of range
- Added accessors to memory usage of PoolAllocator.
- Fixed demangling of typenames with new cxx11 abi
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- Suppress massive Eigen compile time warnings 'deprecated declaration'

- Fixed return type of TransformerNode::GetTime::operator(). It was defined as
  an uint64, which e.g. caused errors in the LinearInterpolator in probably a
  lot of cases.

- Added command line option 'disable-stdlog' to disable the default cout log output.
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56

- Fixed remote connection test case RemoteTest2.xml

- adapted Qt include path for future Qt5 support
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- added 'Auto Scroll' property to TextTraceView
- Added compatibility for different numeric types in polygon visualization
- Axes visualization object's color can now be set externally
- Fixed 3D CovObject crashing when setting zero 2x2 covariance
- Added IndexSelectorProperty: select element by index
- FrameMoveTool's 'Frame' property changed to ChannelProperty<Pose2> (supports selection of transform channel from list),
  moved frame pose is stored and restored with the workspace

- fix Qt4 compile errors for test cases

- Added visualization instantiation for vectors of RigidTransform2d and RigidTransformCov2d.
- Adapted to change in GUIVisualization.
- Added property to set the color of a pose vector visualization.

- fixed Task reached check in OrientationTask

- CSV export now uses unix timestamp instead of human readable format
- CSV export now generates multiple files - one for each channel
- added support for plotting boolean values (as 0.0, 1.0)
- added property for max plot history
- significant performance improvement for curve plots (only for qwt >= 6.0)
- curve can be attached to the left or right axis
  (useful for curves with vastly differing scale)

- Adapted to changes in GUIVisualization.
- CollisionTest can determine the position of the closest obstacle (not just its distance). Requires OpenCV >= 2.4.

- Fixed bug in RangeScanVisualization in rendering cones with aperture
- Added separate color for InvalidUser flag, defaults to red as these are manually invalidated scans
- Default colouring mode for range scan visualizations is now 'Valid' as this is the most useful mode in most cases
- Added HighlightProperty (formerly part of RangeScanVisualization, separated to be available for other visualizations)
- Added alpha / opacity property for RangeScanVisualization.

- deviation tolerance in DifferentialProbabilisticMotionModelTest increased (10% -> 15%)

- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- improved the resize mode of columns in the header of ChannelView even more

- Adapted to changes in MIRAenvironment: handling of new macro FORCE_USE_QT4
- fixed utf8 codec issues while reading package list and during repository reindexing
- made to compile on Qt5

- Fixed bug, which occured with Qt5 when installing binary packages

- fix quazip patches (line ending issues) by using --binary again (through updated mirapatch.sh)

- added 'copy --first_and_rectime' option: also set recording timestamp to selected start time

- Disable CMake warnings for CMake >= 3.0 by emulating CMake 2.8 behaviour, setting policies CMP0026, CMP0046, CMP0048, CMP0054 and CMP0059 to OLD.

- Reverted changes from version 0.9.10. The policies are now globally defined in

- removed qtmodule paths to work with qt5 as well

- Made plugins serializable
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- Made to compile with Qt5

- Made to compile on Qt5

- working also with qt5 now
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56

- Made to compile with current MIRA trunk and Qt5

- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- Suppress massive Eigen compile time warnings 'deprecated declaration'

- Made to compile with Qt5

- fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- removed SCXML from the list of published states
- added another channel that only contains the leaf states
- added doc on scxml editor

- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56


- Made to compile on Ubuntu 16.04.

- Avoid channel updates from being rejected, when the map was decayed twice or more times
  and no sensor update was received in between

- only merge + publish if any input map got an update since last publish

- Publishing the gmapping path with every range scan callback, as this causes the
  particles' poses to be redrawn and the published path should always reflect the
  previously processed poses.
- Added RPC to publish the gmapping path on demand.
- Added flag ChronologicalPathOrdering that allows publishing the gmapping path
  in chronological order, i.e. the first elements are the oldest poses (by default,
  gmapping publishes the most recent poses as the first elements).

- restructured TrajectoryFamilyVisualization (showing additional info for selected trajectory, usable as base for other visualizations)
- added RPC method 'setDriveService' to Pilot for changing drive service at runtime

- fixed missing initialization to false for TrajectoryFamilyVisualization's 'Hide All' property

- Made to compile with Qt5

- Added publishService in initialize

- Added flag to stop docking on when PowerSupplyPresent is set in battery state (off by default)
- Fixed compatibility issues with boost > 1.56
- Made to compile with Qt5

- Added RPCs to define and reset additional costs for specific links
- Made to compile with Qt5

- removed QtModulepath from includes
- added support for camera calibration of fisheye cameras (OpenCV >= 3.0)
- made to compile with Qt5

- Added support for simulated reflectors by using a virtual reflector map
- Waiting for transform links during initialization.
- Using raytracing instead of RasterSensorCone
- Simulator is now a MicroUnit that operates on transfrom updates in order to use more accurate timestamps

- Added initial support for HG4
- powerSupplyPresent flag is set at the moment when contact is being made with the charging station
- MotionTracking: publishing GyroStatus channel
- MotionTracking: publishing Acceleration, TotalAcceleration, GyroRaw, GyroDrift, GyroSpeed and GyroMotion channels
  (requires firmware >= 1.3.0)
- Added "MotionThreshold" property to control the GyroMotion output (requires firmware >= 1.3.0)
- MCU(HG2): publishing Slippage channel (difference speed gyro/wheel odometry) (requires firmware >= 2.1.12)

- added config SCITOS-mapping.xml for simulated mapping (when given a map).
- added simulation of battery charging

- Extended WaypointEditor so that the user can specify the radius of the waypoint items, and display the nogo map of an MCF.
- Made to compile with Qt5

- Fixed invalid overwriting of property TransmitFailedCntLimit

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