- Added compiler flag for always generating code with the old ABI using gcc>=5.2.0 where the new ABI is activated by default (e.g. std::basic_string vs std::__cxx11::basic_string)
- Made Qt translation much more easier to use
- Updated Windows dependencies

- Fixed documentation for getter example
- Added guards for Qt MOC around all boost includes as some macros used in boost headers cannot be parsed by all MOC versions
- Added parameter to StripedStorage::retrieve for passing a sanity check function pointer
- Fixed bug in copy constructor of LogFileSink

- added filter for only getting callbacks when the content of the channel has changed. consecutive updates with the same data are ignored.
- added method to ChannelInterval filter that returns the timestamp of the last performed callback.
- fixed bug when adding a relative channel name to TapeRecorder
- adapted to changes in LogFileSink
- RemoteConnection: catching exception when gathering meta information about channel data

- Fixed segmentation fault in TapePlayerWidget when playback was stopped while a pause control channel was set.
- fixed compiler error with new version of gcc
- Added setColor method to change the color of all points in a DynamicPoints 3D object.
- fixed compiler error with new version of gcc

- Added 3D visualization for vectors of various double point types.
- Added 2D visualization for 2D polygons of floating point types.

- fixed compiler error with new version of gcc

- Further improved RigidModelVisualization2D to be robust against race conditions when the transform tree isn't available yet to update the footprints.
- Added visualization of X axis to RigidModelVisualization2D e.g. for symmetrical robots where the footprint doesn't indicate the orientation.

- improved the resize mode of columns in the header of ChannelView

- adaped to changes in visualization

- Updated documentation
- SimpleMapEditor: Improved robustness when no MCF file was loaded.

- Bugfix in CANOpenNodeInfoPlugin: fixed flooding the screen with error messages
  when reading can open node failed
- Made to compile on Windows 64bit
- Windows: Updated to PCAN-BasicAPI-

- Fixed CurveTemplatesVisualization2D to consider the pose of the curve.

- Added more debug messages when an application is aborted

- also consider the orientation of the robot in isNearDockingStation
- added table 'parameters' to example settings.sqlite
- added support for ACS identifier

- CANDriver: Echo outgoing messages also to the incoming channel so be allow
  all subscribers to see all messages on the CAN bus.

- Added methods subscribeInterval, subscribePeriodic and subscribePeriodicInterval.

- using sanity check function for restoring a pose

- Changed default log level to DEBUG.

- Fixed velocity interpolation for Pure_Pursuit
- Added loadStations and getStationPose RPCs
- Publishing the templatePolygon in its specified frame.

- Added methods in the EstarPlanner for getting the region of the cost map.
- Changed EStarPlanner behaviour to only throw XPathLost exceptions after an initial path for the current task has been obtained.

- ChargerHG2: Added support for ACS identifier (requires firmware >= 1.9.7)
- MCU: Added channel TargetVelocity
- Added HG3 module types for firmware loader
- Enabled MotorResetOnErrorCurrentThreshold and MotorResetOnErrorTimeout in
  SCITOS-2013.xml, SCITOS-A5.xml and SCITOS-G5.xml
- MCU: fixed type of variable
- Added InterfaceHG3 module

- added ability to handle BGRA images as input

- Added capability to import and export path files, i.e. a serialized std::vector<Pose2>.
- Added capability to add points between currently selected point and next point using a button.
- Added command line toggles for directly loading a waypoints or path vector file.
- Now drawing the path between waypoints (toggle-able).
- Several bugfixes, including erroneous selection behaviour and z-stacking errors.

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