A new MIRA release is available.


- increased robustness of findQwt by adding additional search directory
- Bugfix in installer scripts: Ask before delete an existing mirapackage configuration.
- Made bash completion to work, even if the script mirafindpkg is not marked executable

- made reflect methods for XMLDom inline
- Process class now supports redirection of stdin, stdout and stderr streams
  allowing to send and receive data from the child streams
- added JSON type trait for long double

- remove comments from all child nodes of a process tag before passing it via ssh
- added size information to channel info in tape files (increased tape version)
- added static method to StatusManager to get the overall status from a range of status map entries

- fixed missing initialization of position for visualizations in 2D view (was sometimes nan or inf)

- added time increment property to RangeScanInfo

- Reimplemented FrameworkGraphView which can now handle large graphs in complex
- using static and bug fixed method StatusManager::getOverallStatus instead of local one

- Separated daemonized process into a worker process and a second process,
  which monitors and (re-)starts the worker process.
- Added support for command line option --pidfile

- added --timeout option to rpc call command
- rpc call now supports more than one call in a row (each call as a separate argument)

- now printing size information about channels (total and average message size)


- Improved accuracy of can message timestamps in CANDriverMLCAN

- Introducted a feature to convert occupancy grid maps (PNG + XML) to MCF format.

- using interpolation between start and end pose to determine scan origin during insertScan

- now providing appropriate configuration files
- using transformation framework instead of raw odometry to determine robot pose,
  enabling aliases to use arbitrary frame as map frame
- defering heartbeat() to after clearShape() in OccupancyGridMapperWithShape
- using new insertScan method that interpolates scanner position between start and end pose

- Unwind recovery now uses mileage based command history length
- Pilot service will be published only after all mappers / planners / recovery strategys have been initialized.

- Charger: Fixed bug in parameter check for getPersistentErrorsInterval
- Charger: Fixed timing problem during reading the persistent error memory,
  which caused invalid values (mostly in PowerUpCounter and/or UnixTime)
- using 50ms update interval for odometry instead of 100ms by default

- Adapted to work with changes in OccupancyGridMapperWithShape (getting current pose via transform framework).

- Added parameter ScanTime to scanners

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