A new MIRA release is available.


- Added autocomplete functionality for bash

- Eigen::Vector3 and Vector4 are now supported by the PropertySerializer and hence the property editor
- moved several color maps to the package 'Colormaps'
- resolving variables in message text for warning, error, notice and abort tags
- added GeneralBresenhamLineIterator, a generic D-dimensional Bresenham line iterator
- added RasterTransformation for fast transformation of 2D raster as base e.g. for image rotation and scaling
- using atomic increment when generating ids for JSON RPC requests
- changing MIRA_PATH variable leads to re-indexing of package cache
- added getMIRAPaths() to get the list of all mira project paths
- added polygonFromLine() method to convert lines to polygons

- fixed bug where sequence ids were not correctly restored from Tapes
- added autocomplete functionality for bash
- handle interpolation of channel slots for channels that will only receive one data update during their lifetime

- floating windows are now restored correctly
- 2D view: Renamed distance to scale and allow to set scale factor via property
- ImageObject now enables Z-Buffer if the alpha value is set to 1.0
- 2D view: Renamed distance to scale and allow to set scale factor via property
- MeshObject: Now supports loading of mesh files via mesh factory that are located in one of the Ogre resource folders and throws exception if file could not be found

- pose text view can now show the untransformed pose
- added visualization for a single box channel
- box visualization now supports different line widths

- Fixed bug in RigidModelVisualization that prevented redrawing of rigid models from remote providers
- Show exceptions in RigidModelVisualization that occure while creating the visual representation of the model

- Added autocomplete functionality for bash

- disable splash screen if help argument is given on command line
- Added autocomplete functionality for bash
- When closing miracenter the workspace is only saved if AutoSaveWorkspace is enabled

- Added option to avoid anonymous login

- Modified password passing to svn so that passwords with escape-worthy characters work.

- added the --use_original_timestamp option to the play command

- added operation to trim gaps from tape files
- fixed display of channel info
- default renderer allows to set and display frame and sequence id as well as editing data (if meta information is available)
- fixed selection bug for long tapes caused by integer overflow

- fixed AudioCanvas
- added AudioFrame data structure
- fixed interruptions due to drop outs of data change by reading interval

- added distortion model
- added backprojectPixel method that takes distortion into account
- added tool for undistorting images

- fixed bug in interpreter that caused heavy performance problems when using eventless transitions

- fixed wrong pointer arithmetic in EstarPlanner's extractNavFunction().
- fixed handling of double buffer to avoid inconsistencies in the navigation function
- prepared PathObjective to be subclassed and reused
- added EstarPlanner.package file to install package

- Some more informative warning messages

- moved meshes to resources folder and copy them to mira project resource folder during make or install
- MCU: Added property to configure the acceleration ramp for firmware 1.8.4 and above.
- SCITOS-G5: added default mounting position for rear facing HOKUYO-URG-04LX laser range finder

- Sick: Fixed support for S300expert

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