A new MIRA release is available.


- Updated to json-spirit-4.05c

- fixed path to images of the miracenter documentation

- added NoLock and MutexLock policy for Singleton classes, the instantiation of singletons is now thread-safe per default
- PropertySerializer now supports the itemName() method in the reflect() method to specify a user defined name for a collection item to be visualized in the property editor
- json::Value is now serializable as atomic type
- JSONSerializer does no longer serialize json::Values as string representation
- added simple foreachIt macro
- fixed bug in JSONDeserializer when outer most serialized object has polymorphic class type
- fixed object tracking bug in RecursiveMemberReflector
- JSONDeserializer now shows much more helpful error messages
- fixed waiting for child process to terminate
- the resolveTags method now also evaluates the if_not, if_not_exists, assert, assert_not, assert_exists and assert_not_exists tags in XML config files
- fixed segfault in the boost::asio internals when network connection is disconnected

- more meaningful error message in parameter tag when item of collection is not found
- added timezone offset to tape to be able to show time of recording in local timezone of the recording machine (time at place of recording)

- QtUnit now processes pause and finalize handler when QCoreApplication shuts down to match the behavior of normal Units
- TapeFileDialog: show time of recording in local timezone of the recording machine (time at place of recording)
- using explicit constructor calls when assigning standard datatypes to json::Value
- added check for availability of direct rendering in OgreWidget to avoid crash during loading RenderSystem_GL in Ogre
- QConsole: fixed history scrolling bug with long commands, enabled text selection outside of edit zone, fixed cut/delete and drag actions

- fixed Eigen alignment bug for some task classes

- Added polygon marker class and fixed bug in serialization of class Marker

- Minor changes on some views
- Added --fontsize option to set a reduced font size for small screens

- show time of recording in local timezone of the recording machine (time at place of recording

- SimpleMapper now warns the user if there has been no new data in the laser or robotframe channels for more than 10 seconds.
- Finally made TAB-navigation of the QTableWidget working, despite all the obstacles from Qt.

- Fixed linker bug with boost >= 1.49 on some Linux systems
- Installing python libs to path/to/mira/python instead of lib dir
- Fixed compiler error on PythonSet
- Added missing GIL lock to fix crash when extending python path
- Now one can also call RPC functions by passing an existing json value (e.g. channel read object)
- Exposed standard types (Point2f, Point3f, Pose2 and Pose3) to python
- Added functions to interact with the transform framework
- Unified ChannelRead and Channel wrappers for typed and untyped channels

- moved code for register StateMachine in python to seperate lib (Note: use import statemachinepy now instead of import statemachine)

- now using python unit for publishing ints
- made example config work again

- using explicit constructor calls for json::Value (adapted to latest changes in json spirit library)

- minor changes fixes, necessary for using multiple maps for localization

- Updated documentation and example config file

- updated documentation

- Objectives, Maps and Mappers names are now shown in property editor
- Using double precision for cost values
- EstarPlanner now supports polygonal goal regions
- Added Low level planning interface to EstarPlanner
- Minor bugfix in DirectionObjective which no longer uses outdated path
- cleaned up config files

- updated config file

- Tidied up the config files (This may require to add the information on
  frames and links to other config files)
- Specified name for AsusXtion Driver thread in ThreadMonitor
- Removed runtime dependency to package DepthToPointCloud

- Reorganized config files

- Added experimental support for socket CAN
- Added support for serial port based CAN device (developed by MetraLabs)

- Clear error message after successful start

- added Map parameter back to nogo mapper

- Added property to lock the status display
- moved configuration files (e.g. SCITOS-Pilot.xml) to domain SCITOSConfigs

- initial version

- Sick: Added check for protocol version 0x0103 of newer devices.

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