A new MIRA release is available.


- XML serialization: atomic members like ints, floats, strings can now
  optionally be specified as attributes instead of sub-nodes which makes XML
  files more compact and better readable
- fixed bug in XML deserialization that led to misleading error messages #536

- added Authority::subscribeTransform methods to subscribe to chains of transformations
- Authority::getTransform now allows to obtain the latest available transform when the time parameter is not specified or set to Time()
- config loader now supports <warning message=foo/> and <notice .../> tags for console output
- parameter loader (<parameter> tag) now also supports changing parameters in collections and maps as well as adding new parameters/items to maps (see doc)
- ResourceName is now reflected as string
- Fixed dead lock when remote connection and a local authority were publishing their services in parallel

- 3D view now supports the interaction listener concept
- only show exception once when activating 3D tool
- added InteractionListener3D class that can be used to get callbacks when a user interacts with an object in a 3D view
- visualization tools now support shortcuts that can temporarily displace the current tool (e.g. by pressing and holding Ctrl)
- added fromQImage function for converting QImage to Img<>
- added hasAttachedObject function to OgreUtils that checks if a movable object is attached to a scene node
- added rayQuery and rayObjectCollision to OgreUtils for ray / object queries and intersection tests

- most visualizations now use the latest available transforms

- Added marker class and marker visualization

- additional visualization mode (cones) for range scan visualization

- CaptureView now supports capturing to channel and to video file using VideoOutput plugins

- Update of packages is now independent of the devel state of the package.

- now preserving timestamps if user checked the useOriginalTimestamps option in tape open dialog

- src attribute now also works for script node in SCXML root node

- Updated Mongoose to version 3.8 for better WebSocket support and browser compatibility
- Changed callback API

- adapted to changed callback API of WebServer

- also signal failure on XTaskFailed event

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